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The Perfect Moment - Pre-Release


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The Perfect Moment - Pre-Release

This is a pre-release PNP of The Perfect Moment. It is setup as light color, with unformatted rules that include images from an early prototype. The final game is coming from Button Shy Games in early 2019.

Suddenly, a portal opens up and someone walks through it - not just anyone, but you. Before you can say anything, the other you says, “Shut up and listen. This is a time machine. You know what you have to do.” As you are handed the machine, your mind immediately goes back to that one event that you always wished that you could have changed.

This is your chance to change it. You see on the readout that the machine is already primed to go to the exact date and time that you were thinking of. As you press the activate button, the other you says, “Don’t screw it up like I did.”

Over the course of the game, you will revisit 3 time periods of your life. Starting all the way back in '81. You were young, impressionable, and had dreams of striking it rich. Odd jobs were too slow, so you tried another route...

Then in 1994, you fell in love, and everything changed. The way you talked. The way you thought about talking. The way you ate your food. The way you thought about eating your food. It was as if someone had turned on a light that you never even knew existed, and everything had a purpose for a short while.

And finally, it's 2005. You've hit rock bottom and found a way out. You knew a guy, that knew a guy with an inside tip to make you a lot of money. Money has been the root of all of your problems. After the big event you were going to leave the country and start fresh. But of course, it didn't go as planned.

In The Perfect Moment, players are racing to rewrite history in their favor using a deck of only 18 cards. Each player will have two double-sided equipment cards in play at a time. You can use the ability of any piece of equipment facing you, so that card your opponent just equipped might be the key to your next turn! Additionally, you'll have one card in your hand, called a revision, that you may score at the end of your turn. Finally, there is a paradox card in play that both you and your opponent may use for its ability, or score.

To score a card, you must have the required equipment in front of you. The more accurately you match the card, the more you score.

  •  If you simply match a single piece of equipment, you score the card for one point, and it remains face-up. Both you and your opponent can try to score it for more later!
  •  If you match both pieces of equipment, but they are facing opposite directions, you score two points.
  •  If you match both pieces of equipment, and they are facing the same direction, you score three points.

In order to rearrange your equipment to score, on your turn you may activate two pieces of equipment to draw, rotate, and swap cards.

The game ends when one player reaches 16 points, or the deck runs out.


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