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Coral Reef

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Coral Reef
Coral Reef

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Under the sea, there are colorful coral reefs, teeming with life. Many kinds of fish and other creatures make their home among the coral, but among them is also the dreaded Crown-of-Thorns starfish. This star-shaped menace feeds on coral, and when left unchecked, can be disastrous.

In Coral Relief, players take the role of coral reefs that are trying to develop both their coral and a diverse ecosystem. Players will grow their coral, but also dictate the behaviour of the starfish, which can halt coral growth or even destroy coral entirely.



  • Players: 2-4
  • Ages: 8+
  • Length: 20-40 minutes  


  • Publisher: Inkwell Games

  • Designer: Jesse Catron

  • Art: Joey Schouten


  • Page count: 10
  • Components: Rules, Player Sheet per player, Reef diversity sheet.
  • Additional components needed: Writing utensil and 3 standard 6-sided dice, each a different color, blue, yellow and pink are preferred.

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