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Dust & Void

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Dust & Void
Dust & Void

All proceeds from the Dice & Ink Games by Inkwell Games are being generously donated to our New Heroes Scholarship. For details on the scholarship visit:

The last remnants of humanity reside on Cathedral, a space-faring city, on its centuries-long mission to find a new home. Cathedral relies on spacecraft designed for deep space scavenging for vital resources. These resources are not only for survival, but also to finish the construction of Cathedral, started long ago by generations past. Pilots who don’t bring in enough, however, are stripped of their craft and consigned to the dangers of construction duty.

In Dust and Void, players take on the role of these pilots. Players will explore the depths of space, look for resources, avoid dangers, and balance work, well-being and worship to make a name for themselves and build a legacy. Can you bring in enough to see humanity to a brighter tomorrow, and also to stay in the relative comfort of deep space?



  • Players: 1
  • Ages: 8+
  • Length: 20-30 minutes  


  • Publisher: Inkwell
  • Games Designer: Robin Gibson
  • Art: Joey Schouten


  • Page count: 7
  • Components: Rules and Player Sheet
  • Additional components needed: Writing utensil and 4 standard 6-sided dice

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