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All proceeds from the Dice & Ink Games by Inkwell Games are being generously donated to our New Heroes Scholarship. For details on the scholarship visit:

Autumn. The time of falling leaves, harvests, mushrooms, and a large bonfire festival. Or, at least, it is for this small logging village at the edge of the forest. It is a busy season, with preparations for winter, as well as ample opportunities for growth, profit, and prosperity. Players take over the management of the town, assigning dice to actions such as exploring, logging, building the town, and selling goods down river.



  • Players: 1-4
  • Ages: 10+
  • Length: 20-40 minutes  


  • Publisher: Inkwell Games
  • Games Designer: Nat Levan
  • Art: Joey Schouten


  • Page count: 10
  • Components: Rules, Playsheet per player, Player Aid
  • Additional components needed: Writing utensil and 5 standard 6-sided dice

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