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Scrapyard Rollbot

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Scrapyard Rollbot
Scrapyard Rollbot

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It is the day before the local science fair, and you have yet to build an entry! It’s time to hurry to the local scrapyard to get the parts you need to build a Rollbot to impress the judges and win the competition! However, as you arrive, it turns out your rival, Rick, has the same idea (and the same poor time management). As there is only so much to find at the scrapyard, and at some point it will have to close for the day, it is a race against time, as well as your rival.


  • Players: 1
  • Ages: 8+
  • Length: 20 minutes  


  • Publisher: Inkwell Games
  • Games Designer: Sarah and Will Reed
  • Art: Joey Schouten


  • Page count: 9
  • Components: Rules, Playsheet
  • Additional components needed: Writing utensil and 5 standard 6-sided dice

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