New Heroes Game Industry Scholarship

The New Heroes Scholarship is intended to recognize a standout member of the board game community who is among an underrepresented group. Each year PNP Arcade will announce which group(s) will qualify for participation. The 2020 New Heroes Game Industry Scholarship will focus this year on applicants from the black community. A committee will award the scholarship to the person based on the criteria listed below. 

Scholarship Mission: The Mission of the scholarship is to improve and diversify the board game industry by welcoming and fostering new professionals, and by acknowledging the efforts of previous contributors.

Prize: This scholarship awards a monetary prize of $500 via Paypal. If you or your organization would like to contribute to this award, please contact us at

Contributors: The current scholarship is being funded by PNP Arcade (Jason Greeno / Jason Tagmire) and Mike Mullins.

Applicant Deadline: Applicants must submit their form below by July 31st, 2020.

Award Announcement: Scholarship Award announcement will occur in September 2020.

Committee Selection: Committee member(s) will be selected based on their position / role in the nominated group. While members of PNP Arcade may act as members, we will also seek to include underrepresented members of the community in the process to help select the best candidates for the scholarship. If you would like to volunteer to join the committee please email

Criteria: The committee will review the applications based on the following criteria:

  • Impact
    • Past Projects: To what degree has the applicant had an impact on the board game industry in regards to the Scholarship Mission?
    • Current Projects: To what degree does the applicant show potential for improving the board game industry in regards to the Scholarship Mission?

  • Leadership
    • How is the applicant affecting others in the community, who might seek mentorship or be otherwise influenced by the applicant’s actions?

  • Skill
    • Has the applicant proven skilled at their role in the board game industry?
    • Has the applicant’s efforts helped grow the board game industry?

How to Apply / Nominate: 

  • To qualify you must fill out the form below. Incomplete applications will be disqualified.

  • We will require the following information:
    • Name of applicant/nominee
    • Phone number of applicant/nominee
    • Email address of applicant/nominee
    • Link to relevant projects or achievements
    • 250-500 word statement of why the applicant should be awarded the scholarship based on the Scholarship Mission

  • Note: Qualified applicants may apply multiple years for this scholarship unless they were selected as the recipient in a previous year.

  • Fill out this form
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