Celestial Stories

Inkwell Games

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Celestial Stories
Celestial Stories

All proceeds from the Dice & Ink Games by Inkwell Games are being generously donated to our New Heroes Scholarship. For details on the scholarship visit: https://www.pnparcade.com/pages/new-heroes-game-industry-scholarship

Since time immemorial, stars in the night sky have told stories. Constellations spell out omens, legends, myths, and fables to be interpreted by those looking up from below.

In Celestial Stories players take the role of stargazers, who look up at the skies and plot the shapes in the stars. Celestial Stories is a collaborative storytelling roll-and-write, the only one of its kind! If you like collaboration, storytelling, and a fun time together, then Celestial Stories is the game for you!



  • Players: 2+
  • Ages: 6+
  • Length: 20-30 minutes  


  • Publisher: Inkwell Games

  • Designer: Grace Kendall

  • Art: Joey Schouten


  • Page count: 3
  • Components: Rules, Player Sheet per person
  • Additional components needed: Writing utensil and 1 standard 6-sided die per player and a 1 minute timer.

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