Dungeon Ball


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Dungeon Ball
Dungeon Ball
Dungeon Ball
Dungeon Ball

While the monsters were sitting around waiting for more heroes to wander into the dungeon and meet an untimely end, they decided to head outside and mix things up a bit. They found a bard and tortured him until he explained the rules of a popular man-made game...

The monsters understand how to play....mostly. They're a little fuzzy on the rules about not cheating though.

This is a Kickstarter preview for Dungeon Ball. Download the print and play files to try out the game. Check out the Kickstarter here!


  • Players: 1-2
  • Ages: 10+
  • Length: 45 minutes  


  • Publisher: Barrett Publishing
  • Designer: Gabe Barrett


  • Page count: 8 page rulebook, 20 page components
  • Additional components needed: 9 six-sided dice (1 is for the down marker) • 2 cubes • 2 pawns or tokens

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