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Lead your party of heroes in the search of gold and legendary treasure! Dungeoneers is an old school Dungeon crawler with heavy RPG elements. Using miniatures or tokens, your heroes will move through a randomly created dungeon. Inspired by classics such as Warhammer Quest and Advanced Hero Quest, this game takes the concept further, adding more details and an advanced combat system. With multiple attack options, special talents and perks, magic, alchemical weapons and battle prayers, there are multiple ways of handling each combat. The dungeons are populated with furniture or objects that might contain everything from mundane tools to legendary items.

The heroes will gain experience and level up, learning new things based on their profession but also allowing you to customize parts of the development. But time spent in the dungeons might not only give new skills, it might also give horrid memories resulting in disorders such as claustrophobia, arachnophobia or acute stress syndromes causing the heroes to become less effective in certain situations.

The game comes with a 7 quest campaign (~15 hours gameplay) and also 18 stand alone quests that can be replayed an infinite number of times due to the random nature of the dungeons. It also comes with a tiles book, providing you with 51 highly detailed dungeons tiles giving you all you need to build the dungeons in the game.

This game is best played with miniatures, and you can use any and all miniatures you have at hand. If you already have dungeon tiles or even a 3D printed or casted dungeon, this could be used as well since the room generation mechanics are easy to adopt to your dungeon rooms.

Finally, this game is not designed with modern streamlined mechanics in mind. This is designed to give you a detailed, old school experience to scratch that dungeon crawling itch. If you don't like rolling dice and reading tables, this game is probably not for you.


  • Players: 1-4
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 90-120 minutes


  • Publisher: Von Braus Publishing
  • Designer: Michael Lundstedt
  • Art: Michael Lundstedt


  • Page count: 218
  • Components: Rulebook (110p), Questbook (57p), Dungeon tiles (51p)
  • Additional components needed: Miniatures or tokens to represent heroes and monsters

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