Employee of the Month

Bomb Muffin

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Employee of the Month
Employee of the Month
Employee of the Month
Employee of the Month

If you’ve ever worked a day in your life, this game is for you. If you’ve ever worked a dead end job, part-time job, or stared at a clock wishing your shift or life was over and not caring which, this game is doubly for you.

Employee of the Month is a single-session tabletop role playing game wherein players work crappy jobs, doing mundane tasks and dealing with difficult customers until they are suddenly hurled into a possibly dangerous and most likely hilarious situation. It might be an alien invasion, the apocalypse starting in your parking lot, or worse! Together with the General Manager (GM), players will create and play out a narrative, working together to solve or survive their story with whatever skills they possess, resources available to them at their workplace, and assumptions they hold about one another.

Great for game nights, Employee of the Month only has a 10-minute set up time during which players create characters (and have fun doing it). Most games of Employee of the Month are wrapped up in 2 hours!


  • Players: 3-5
  • Length: 120 minutes
  • Ages: 13+


  • Publisher: Bomb Muffin
  • Designer: Bryan Fischer
  • Art: Hannah Dodge


  • Page count: 36 pages
  • Additional components needed: Plenty of standard six-sided dice in one color. More six-sided dice, but of a different color. Something to write with for each player.

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