Laser Bots

Another Dimension

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Laser Bots
Laser Bots
Laser Bots
Laser Bots

Spectators watch in awe as robots armed with laser cannons blast each other in vast arenas. Tactics and destruction rule, and only the best survive.

Laser Bots is a pocket sized game that comes in a mint tin. Players each control a robot via an innovative action management system: actions become more powerful depending on the amount of cards you have played.

There are four different robots, each with its own unique robot board and program cards. The program cards form part of your hand and are used to perform actions. Each turn players place their cards in their 'program row'; many actions become more powerful the more cards you have in your program row, so the order you play your cards can be the the key to victory.


  • Players: 2
  • Ages: 10+
  • Length: 15-20 minutes


  • Publisher: Another Dimension
  • Designer: Simon Beal
  • Art: Gong Studios, Simon Beal


  • Page count: 6 pages (including card backs), plus 1 two-sided rules sheet.
  • Components: 32 mini cards, 7 boards, 2 reference cards, 5 tokens (optional).
  • Additional components needed: 4 x six-sided dice, 5 wooden cubes (if not using the included tokens).

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