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Description from designer:

A micro card-based worker placement game that challenges you and your team to build a self-sustaining base in the hostile environment of a distant exoplanet.

The founders of a new colony have been sent ahead of the colonists to prepare a stable landing site on a new planet. Establish a new base by mining resources, harvesting water, growing food and building new modules. This new planet is unpredictable, and you will have to battle sickness, injuries, meteor strikes and breakdowns to keep your toehold on this new planet. You’ll need to balance your focus between upgrading your base and training your founders in specialized skills.

Get your base ready before the colonists arrive, to ensure they have a strong starting point for their new offworld colony!

Play solo, co-op, or 1v1.

Additional components needed:
4 different-coloured pawns, with 1 D6 of a matching colour for each
1 extra D6
A few -1 tokens and +1 tokens
A few "Damage" tokens
4 tokens for Vac Suits
1 token for the Rover
Resource tokens/cubes:
Grey - Minerals
Copper - Metal
Green - Food
Blue - Water
Red - Gas

Notes: Bleeds and crop marks included

Designer: Mike Berg

Player Count: 1-4
Length: 45-60 minutes
Ages: 10+

Note: This is a prototype. Any questions about the game should be directed to the creators.

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