The Square Ring

Rama Redd

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The Square Ring
The Square Ring
The Square Ring
The Square Ring
The Square Ring
The Square Ring
The Square Ring

The Square Ring is a two-player game that captures the excitement of a boxing match in a quick thirty-minute game. Over the course of three rounds, players will attempt to win by doing more damage to their opponent in order to win the round. Win more rounds than your opponent or bring them to 0 health first and you win!

In The Square Ring, players have two kinds of cards: generic movement cards and unique attack cards. The movement cards are what allow you to move around the 5x5 square ring, change what direction your boxer is facing, and avoid your opponents’ punches. The unique attack cards are what allow your opponent to attack, but often include other utility cards to allow boxers to avoid attacks or do more damage.

Each turn, players take their available cards and select two to play facedown as they try to anticipate what their opponent is going to do. Cards are resolved in the order that they are played with movement cards being resolved before attack cards. Cards of the same type are resolved simultaneously so players may find their boxers jostling for position or exchanging blows.

Spicing the game up are two unique resources, “Reacts” and “Bursts.” A Burst allows you to play the third card facedown before actions are resolved, allowing for sneaky strikes and sudden surges of movement. Reacts, on the other hand, force your opponent to play their first card face up, allowing for perfect evasion or punishing strikes. - Francisco Gutierrez


  • Players: 2
  • Ages: 8+
  • Length: 10-30 Minutes


  • Designer: Rama Reddy
  • Art: Marco Cosentino


  • Page count: 11
  • Components: 8 characters, 32 action cards, 18 movement cards, board, round/exchange tracker, HP markers
  • Additional components needed: Miniature or Chess Knight

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