Turris: City of Giants

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Turris: City of Giants
Turris: City of Giants
Turris: City of Giants
Turris: City of Giants
Build your faction's tower then battle, choosing Warfare, Mystic or Science as your weapon!
    The Towers are the last bastion of refuge for this world, a world gone dark and dangerous. Rival factions have built monstrous towers that spire past the clouds. Each tower is as unique as its inhabitants. Some with slim and smooth outer faces and others with protruding arms that simultaneously protect and threaten. These magical and mechanical structures roam across The Wilds seeking resources, and new conquests. City of Giants refers to an annual Gathering of the the Spires under a tenuous truce.

    In Turris, players become Lords of their faction. By adding new cards to your tower you’ll add new abilities and followers to your structure. You can choose from mystic cards that call upon the gods both kind and cruel, science cards that explore power of machines and potions, or warfare cards that focus on combat. Will you specialize in one area or create powerful combos across each? The faction with the most Influence wins, but all players must defend against the Darkness, or you all lose! Looking to add more players? Just print a second set of Turris to accommodate up to four players!

    Turris: City of Giants features:
    • Elegant mechanics that build on one another for emergent gameplay
    • Fully-realized dystopian fantasy immerse you like no other 'Micro' game
    • Dual-sided cards offer twice the decision making fun
    • Easily expands to support 4 players with an extra copy of the game
    • Faction strategies support numerous paths to victory for extended replay-ability


    • Players: 2-4 (with additional print)
    • Length: 15-20 minutes  
    • Ages: 8+


    • 3 Faction cards
    • 15 Structure cards
    • Rules


    • 8-10 Follower Tokens in 2 colors
    • 6-8 Energy Tokens

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