New games for March 8, 2019 - Vegas War Moments

Jason Tagmire

Hello everyone! It's NEW GAME FRIDAY!

We have a handful of new games this week AND a new publisher too!

  • Chill Pill
  • The Perfect Moment
  • The Perfect Moment: Las Vegas Gone Wrong
  • The Perfect Moment: Solo Playmat
  • WARLINE: Tactical Fantasy Battles

This week we have our first PNP playmat (it's a solo play playmat, which also aides the solo game) and an all new publisher: El Jay Play with a free version of WARLINE: Tactical Fantasy Battles!

And for anyone that downloaded the preview version of The Perfect Moment, the full game is now here. With expansion too.

This weeks new games are all available here:

The game of the week is Six Sons of the Sultan.

The six sons of the Sultan have come to you, the foremost tea merchants in land, with a request: Provide us with the best exotic teas the world has to offer and we will reward you richly (we may even favor you with special privileges if you impress us), but only one of you can become Chief Tea Merchant of the Sultanate!

Six Sons of the Sultan is a game for two players that takes about 15-20 minutes. Players will have 10 rounds to gain prestige by supplying different kinds of tea to the Sultan’s sons. Each type of tea has different costs and prestige points associated with it as well as special actions that may help the players during the game.

There is also a solitaire play option.

Check out Six Sons of the Sultan here:

Featured Kickstarters

There's one PNP Arcade game on Kickstarter now, check it out below!

Thanks! See you next week!

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