Game of the Week

Game of the Week: Cobras

Cobras are overrunning the village, so the authorities have put out a bounty on them. Seizing the opportunity, you have secretly begun breeding cobras for the extra income. However, your own scheme won’t go unnoticed forever, and when the authorities cancel the program, any cobras you’re left with will bite you!

The historical anecdote that inspired this game is known among economists as the “Cobra Effect”.

If you like trick taking games, you won’t want to miss out on Cobras. It is a trick taker with a twist, as losing lets you take Cobra tokens that you can cash in for points later when you win a hand. Win two hands in a row? Well, you had to spend all those Cobras on the last winning hand, meaning you aren’t turning in Cobras for points unless you found a clever way to get them. Playable for 1-5 players, with the core rules suited for 3-4, variants for 1, 2, and 5, and team play are all in here.