Game of the Week

The game of the week is The Cloud Dungeon with character pack and exclusive PNP Arcade character!!

The Cloud Dungeon is a paper craft RPG that you cut apart as you play – it's a book that transforms into a tabletop game.

You and your fellow dungeon greedy friends are headed to a Cloud Dungeon to seek your fortune – mostly the piles of gold and jewels, as seen on the Cloud Dungeon informercials.

As you progress through the book, learning the rules as you go, creating your characters, coloring them, customizing them – you have a shared creative experience. You work together to make challenging choices, you team up against huge beasts, and you end up telling your own unique story as a team, or as a family.

1. It’s designed to be parent+kid friendly.

This is a great shared experience for parents and their kids. The instructions are so clear and well-tested that a 10-year-old to understand and even run the game (with a little parental help).

2. It has permanent consequences and interesting group decisions to make, but is forgiving.

Players are never completely out of the game, even if they die: they can continue on as a ghost, still helping out their party and participating in decisions.

3. It’s easy to get into.

There’s no rulebook, you learn as you go. You can sit down with the book for the first time on your game night.

4. It’s a creative experience.

It’s all about making unique characters, coloring/drawing, and customizing. It’s an incredibly fun and creative experience that appeals to anyone who likes to make stuff. It’s crazy, creative fun.