Game of the Week

The emergency grew of the U.S.F. Montoya are suddenly awoken from their deep sleep when something goes terribly wrong. Together, the four of them and their smart-circuited auto-pilot must navigate the damaged vessel making repairs and fighting off alien orcs and their pets. Adrift is about survival in space, a test of skills in combat and engineering, and working as a team.

Oh man, I didn’t need to see this. I really, really didn’t need to find this game. But now I’ve found it, and fair warning: the file might have you print a good number of pages out. The good news is that only a handful of them are related to the rules - which are really quite simple with a focus on just four core aspects - and the rest giving you different adventures to read and explore via management of your crew. If you don’t like reading, this will probably not cater to your preferences in a game - but if you like games with a strong narrative, this one should be right up your alley (it is definitely up mine). And at a bargain sale price, now is the time to snag it if you’ve been holding off.

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