Game Submissions

Thank you for your interest in submitting a game to PNP Arcade! 

We are looking for games that are printer friendly and can be played with common game components. Games that play well remotely are great too!

Our selection of games are curated therefore not all submissions will be added to the site.

While we wish we could send a personal reply for each submission, we unfortunately cannot guarantee a response due to the number of submissions.

PNP Arcade does not accept games that utilize any form of AI generated art at this time. 

Some notes about preparing print-and-play files:

  • If possible, providing Letter size (8.5x11) and A4 page size covers most folks printers.
  • Full-color, high res files, final art is required. We cannot accept games using low res, placeholder or prototype art 
  • File size can be a factor in whether can accept your submission. If you're above 20 megs for some reason, check to see if your compressing optimally
  • Efficient files for customer printing: try to have as few files as possible, and have multiple cards/components on a page to save on resources/ink

Submission link:

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