Publisher Terms and Conditions

Table of contents

What does PNP Arcade provide Publishers?

  • PNP Arcade offers a non-exclusive digital marketplace to offer your games for free or to sell to customers.

How much does PNP Arcade cost?

  • There is no cost to Publishers for participating either to sell or offer a free product on
  • Publishers will receive 70% of the net profit from sale of your game.

How are payments handled?

  • PNP Arcade will issue payment to publishers every 2-3 months after reaching the minimum threshold of $10.
  • Payments are made through Paypal
Does PNP Arcade take ownership of the content I upload?
  • PNP Arcade does not take ownership of your game.
  • Exclusive offerings are available and can be discussed, but you may sell your game on other sites if desired.
Can I give some people access to my game without having them pay?
  • Upon request, you can receive coupon codes to share with reviewers or others.

How is pricing of my game handled?

  • PNP Arcade will suggest a recommended price
  • The publisher may decide what to charge for the game
  • All prices are in $1.00 increments
  • You may designate your game as a free product
    PNP Arcade reserves the right to remove any game.
    • Publishers will receive notification of their game being removed with written explanation for the removal.
    How do I remove my game from PNP Arcade?
    • Send an email to or requesting that you would like your game removed with the name of the game. PNP Arcade will comply within 48 hours. The only thing we ask is that new games are available for at least 60 days to compensate for production time and setup.
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