New games for April 10, 2020 - Lasers? Pencils? Waffles?

Jason Tagmire

It's another ALL FREE New Game Friday! And David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:

  • Laser Bots
  • Pencil Park
  • Waffle Hassle

This week's new games are all available at

Laser Bots

Robot combat has become a premier sport. Spectators watch in awe as robots armed with laser cannons blast each other in vast arenas.


The only thing more fun than a head-to-head PVP game where you defeat your opponent is one where you are each controlling a robot. Laser bots allows you to channel your inner sci-fi geek and do battle as robotic entities with one goal: get your opponent to 0 health. With some asymmetric starting positions, unique robots, and an interesting concept of having some powers get more powerful as your line of “programs” increases, this one has some neat things for even those who have played a ton of these 1v1 combat games.

Pencil Park

Welcome to Pencil Park 2020! It’s a dice place to visit! Design the best urban space for the community of Pencil Park. The committee members make a new request each turn.

Forget roll and write, this one has you drawing in pips from dice rolled into the map in the exact formation as shown on the dice. Each turn you are also given a specific design type to draw in based on two of the dice rolled, and getting large connected areas of the same type will increase your points scored. The game is quick, easy, and promises to be a lot of fun to pass the time. Artistic skills not even required, just grab colored pencils or something to differentiate the types you put into the park. Also, the special catch comes from the committee, who have a VERY specific range of points for you to score into. Score too many, and you move back DOWN the chain of winning, providing a really interesting puzzle to juggle.

Waffle Hassle

Who doesn't like a good waffle?

In Waffle Hassle you’ll try to make the perfect waffle with your favorite toppings! But be careful because you're sharing it so apply the recipe as best as you can.

And, of course, the whipped cream is is the most important thing in a waffle!

In Waffle Hassle players will choose simultaneously a card and switching hands until all the cards has been played. At the end of the game they will score points based on the toppings they added to the waffle on the middle of the table!

The premise here is really simple: overlap cards onto the central waffle in order to maximize your score based on a unique recipe card for each player. Also, there’s control over the whipped cream, scoring bonus points to the player with the most on their side of the waffle at the end. If you enjoy quick-playing games for 1-2 players that can easily be enjoyed with kids at the breakfast table, but also has enough to keep adults engaged, this one is worth printing out. Just make sure you don’t mistake one of the delicious cards for a real waffle - no matter how tasty it looks, it probably is going to be a disappointing bite.

Check out the new games here:

Game of the Week: Fire in the Library

Despite the best efforts of you and your fellow Librarians. A fire threatens the sum of all human knowledge. You must save as many precious tomes from the flames as you can before the consuming inferno collapses the Library forever.

Fire in the Library is a press-your-luck game about saving books from being burned. Push the odds and channel your courage, earning Knowledge Points and Bravery Points, which are needed to win the game. The player with the highest combined point total when the game ends is the winner.

Let’s be honest, I’m the sort of person that would run into a burning house to save something silly like a book (or board game). So when I play Fire in the Library, I can imagine I am actually doing the selfless deed of saving important works of writing...but I am horrible with knowing when to push my luck and when to stop. Which is probably why I am bad at this game, yet I absolutely enjoy this game. If you haven’t tried it before, this one is sure to delight you, and it even has a pretty good solo mode in there. This scales up to 6 players, and is great for family, friends, spouses, and even children to enjoy together for a bit of fun pressing your luck trying to save some books. Plus, that art from Beth Sobel is absolutely stunning.

Check out Game of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!


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  • Hi there where is the game antinomy the base game? I cant find it on this site only the expansion.


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