New games for April 3, 2020 - Find Your Haunted Djinn

Jason Tagmire

It's an New Game Friday! And David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:

  • Chain Mail: The Haunted Chasm Adventure Kit
  • Djinn's Game
  • Find Your Seats
  • Find Your Seats: Bonus Appetit
  • Vaccine

This week's new games are all available at

Chain Mail: The Haunted Chasm Adventure Kit

A powerful demon has been tormenting the underdwellers. Now you and your fellow adventurers must uncover the identity of the demon and discover which creature has been possessed. To defeat the demon you’ll have to overcome a creature that’s been twisted by the dark force coursing through its veins.

Fans of Chain Mail (like me) will find plenty of great value in this kit. It comes with a map, an adventure, a treasure card, a new pair of monsters, and this one even adds in a new playable character: The Craftsman. In this quest you are setting out to learn the name of a Demon in order to summon and defeat it - nothing could go wrong here, right? A typical search-and-defeat quest for Chain Mail, this one packs plenty of excitement, including boosts to your final enemy’s stats based upon its name to make every play somewhat unique.

Djinn’s Game

Djinn's Game is a light, tug-of-war style game for three players who each assume the role of a greedy Djinn. Using the Djinn's command over the winds, players attempt to collect a variety of coins falling from the sky. As the Djinn battle, whirlwinds rise and fall in the desert sand, changing the direction of the falling coins and your ability to collect them.

Fans of the Witcher series on Netflix will probably remember a memorable episode with a Djinn, and here you and two other friends can be Djinns for a game. The battle? You are fighting over coins, and as you strengthen your focus on one side, you’ll become weaker on the other. Balance must be considered in this game for exactly three players, as a wise Djinn will capitalize on any opening you give them. Add in dials to simultaneously select and reveal “strength” of your wind, and you have a recipe for a fun, fast game.

Find Your Seats with Bonus Appetit Expansion

The big event is here, but the seating plan is missing! As one of the party planners, you have to improvise and seat guests in a way that will encourage conversation. Good luck, as we;ve heard this is a particularly tricky group.

We have all experienced those dinners or other events, where the person you are seated with can either make the time fly by or make it drag on for ages. Well, now you can play a game about seating people next to the right people in order to maximize their points scored. A perfect family experience when seated around the dinner table, this one needs 3-4 players (and more with the expansion, adding 6 more guests into the mix) so couples and soloists will want to skip on this dinner party right now - but there is plenty of fun to be found if you have enough players available right now. Or snag it while you can and save it for later, when your game group gets back together again!



A new virus emerges, threatening society as we know it. Help the world fight the deadly virus by finding the best possible vaccine!

Each turn you pick one of the face up Vaccine Tiles and add it to your Science Lab (player board). When completing a row or a column in your Science Lab, you make breakthroughs and can complete objectives on Research Cards to gain Vaccine Points. Breakthroughs also let you gain valuable knowledge by secretly looking at a Disease Card - showing you which traits you should try to avoid on the Vaccine Tiles you pick in the future.

At the end of the game, three Secret Disease Cards are revealed, showing a combination of traits that match some of the Vaccine Tiles. You gain Vaccine Points for each of your Vaccine Tiles that match two or all three of these traits.

Like hidden information that you need to deduce, similar to playing Clue? Look no further than this game that is a little on-the-nose for our current time. Every time you complete a row in your Lab you can look at a face-down Disease Card, which will tell you want things you do not want in the Vaccine you make to ultimately try and win. If you don’t have Pandemic and want to get in on the social media buzz for helping to save the world from COVID-19, this game is your perfect solution. And hey, it just sounds like a really fun and interesting game in itself, and takes one of the best parts of Clue and makes something fresh with that idea.

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Game-of-the-Week: Project Dreamscape

The mind really can shape reality! Scientists have invented a machine that can tap into a person’s dreams and make them real. However, only the strongest minds - those who can control their dreaming - are able to utilize the machine. Thus Project Dreamscape was created to find the ultimate dreamer.

You might look at this and think “Onirim” like I did, but the two games couldn’t be further apart in gameplay. This one you are trying to chain together dreams of the same type for maximum scoring, placing them into a deck that never shuffles and the order never changes. Buy cards from a display to trigger effects, with your purchasing power coming from the Z cards moved into Deep Sleep - so moving cards will let you buy more in future turns at a cost of losing points at the end of the game. There are a lot of great decisions and moving parts in this game which has fantastic art and a fun gameplay. Be sure to check this one out and learn to become the ultimate dreamer.

Check out Game of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!


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  • Question: why are Vaccine and Djinn’s Game listed in the Solo Game category when they are clearly not solo games?

    Also, both Project Dreamscape and Onirim are among my top solo games these days, and are indeed very different! Quite enjoyable.

    Ava Jarvis

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