New games for Dec 6, 2019 - Secret Royal Folk

Jason Tagmire


Here's what's new this week:

  • Cunning Folk
  • Four Against The Darkness: Buried Secrets
  • Royal Espionage

Cunning Folk is a micro game of bluffing and deduction. You are townsfolk, investigating the houses of Ipswich for witches, good and evil. Look at a card and tell your friends which character you see to use its ability. Of course, you could lie. Your opponents might call you out, but everyone should tread carefully: Wrong once, and the town suspects you of witchcraft. Twice, and you are ostracized! Keep your wits about you and—if you lie, do it well.

Buried Secrets is a Four Against Darkness adventure for a cleric. It is part of the Gathering of the Four campaign -- a series of five scenarios, four to be played as stand-alone adventures with a single hero, and the last to be played with the four heroes united against a common enemy. All scenarios will be published in 2018.

Royal Espionage is a storytelling game of intrigue, intelligence, and imminent death, where you determine, more or less, how the story unfolds. Immersing yourself in the story and how it plays is part of the purpose and fun of this game. Which court members support the King? Which defect? Where do you end up? How do you balance the dangerous information you gather? Play and find out!

This weeks new games are all available here:

The game of the week is Two Rooms and a Boom

In Two Rooms and a Boom – a social deduction/hidden role party game for six or more players – there are two teams: the Red Team and the Blue Team. The Blue Team has a President. The Red Team has a Bomber. Players are equally distributed between two rooms (i.e., separate playing areas). The game consists of five timed rounds. At the end of each round, some players will be swapped into opposing rooms. If the Red Team's Bomber is in the same room as the President at the end of the game, then the Red Team wins; otherwise the Blue Team wins. Lying encouraged. 

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