New games for Oct 18 2019 - Time to Tag Team!

Jason Tagmire


Here's what's new this week:

  • Tag Team - Guerrillas vs. Gators
  • Tag Team - Jailbirds vs. Bullies
  • Tag Team - Cobras Expansion
  • Timestamp: 1955

It's a triple Tag Team launch day here with two different standalone versions of the neighborhood bluffing brawler, Tag Team, as well as a third free exansion: Cobras. Designed by Matthew O' Malley and released by Button Shy Games.

We also have the next standalone game in the Button Shy Timestamp Series, it's Episode 2: 1955, which looks eerily like Hill Valley 1955. It is a time travel game after all...

This weeks new games are all available here:

The game of the week is Wonder Tales!

A collection of old fairy tales has been torn apart. Pages from different stories are all mixed together and strewn about. Can you find the connections between the scattered characters to put their stories back together? Reunite the characters in clever ways to win the game! 

Wonder Tales is a quick tile-laying set-collection micro-game for two players.

Each of the 17 game cards is double sided, with the same fairy tale character on both sides, but with a different colored highlights.

Players take turns placing cards on a shared tableau with their colour showing. Once the tableau is full, scores are tallied depending on which combinations of characters and/or colors lie adjacent to each player's cards.

A game consists of 2-3 rounds, with the tableau shape changing each round.

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