New games for August 9 2019 - Strange Fox Clouds

Jason Tagmire


Here's what's new this week:

  • Strange Sites
  • The Cloud Dungeon
  • Treachery of the Paper Fox
  • Universal Rule: Second Wave

We have 4 releases this week including a PNP Arcade exclusive! AndHeDrew's awesome papercraft RPG, The Cloud Dungeon, is now available here and it has two expansions and a special character that is not available anywhere else: the adorable Arcade Bot.

We also have Universal Rule: Second Wave, a fully standalone expansion to Button Shy's Universal Rule and two games from Cutlass Games, Strange Sites and Treachery of the Paper Fox.

This weeks new games are all available here:

The game of the week is Sprawlopolis! (on sale for just $2 this week)

Jackhammers chattering, trucks beeping, engines roaring, the sounds of construction are everywhere. Sprawlopolis is growing and YOU are in charge of it all. The last team of planners couldn't cut it, so the city turned to your team, the best of the best. If anyone can turn this tiny town into a thriving civic center it's you.

In Sprawlopolis, 1-4 players work together to build a new city from the ground up. Using only 18 cards and a variable scoring system, the game is never the same twice. Each turn, players will play 1 card from their hand to the growing city, trying to score as many points as possible. Players will have to communicate and plan without revealing their own cards in order to most efficiently develop large areas in each of the 4 zone types. Watch out though, the city hates paying for road maintenance so each road will cost you points in the end. When all cards have been placed, the game ends and players see if they have met dynamically generated minimum score for their game. Can you meet the demands of the officials, work with your fellow planners and build the ultimate urban wonder? It’s time to find out!

Check out Sprawlopolis and it's expansions here:


Thanks everyone! See you next week!

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