New Games For December 28 2018 - Scraping together an Arcane Stew

Jason Greeno


Jason and I hope you're having great holidays and excellent gaming. It's a bit of a light week over here at PNP Arcade with family-time and travel eating into development. 2019 is right around the corner though, and the arcade is only going to get bigger and better!

Check out the new games here:

If you've had as many holiday cookies as I have you may be ready to play the new game of the week...

Arcane Bakery Clash is a resource management game, where your resource is time. Specifically, time to cook the magical treats that you will use against your co-worker.

You can choose 2 actions per turn, and you will either put a recipe card in the oven, peek into an oven (in case you forgot what you started cooking), turn up the heat (and advance the track on the back of a recipe card), or take a recipe out of the oven (putting the card into play). With these actions you will bake new treats that are used to either reduce your opponent’s health, heal yourself, or allow special actions. When a player’s health is reduced to zero, they lose the game, and their opponent wins.

Check out Arcane Bakery Clash here:

Thanks everyone. See you in the new year!

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