New Games For December 21 2018 - Chasing The Plague for TV Ratings!

Jason Tagmire

NEW GAME FRIDAY is here! The second to last of the year!

Welcome to our weekly newsletter showing off some awesome new games at PNP Arcade. We have 8 new games this week and another new publisher!

The new publisher this week is...

Formal Ferret Games! Gil Hova has been a good friend and inspiration in his very successful and very professional self-publishing model.

We introduce their games Wordsy and The Networks, and a handful of others. Here's the full list:

  • Doom Realm
  • Feat On The Ground
  • Legends of Dsyx: Spellcraft Academy
  • Plague
  • Starship Babel
  • The Networks
  • Tornado Chase
  • Wordsy

Check out all of the new games here:

This is another week of nice variety. Some big, some small. A free roll and write...

Yes, the free roll and write is this week's Game of the Week. Doom Realm from Grey Gnome Games.

Doom Realm is a print & play roll & write system that takes place in a dark fantasy world.

Players will need to print out the rule sheets and adventure sheets in order to play. They will also need to supply 4 six-sided dice and a pencil.

Your mission in each adventure is to locate and defeat the six enemies that dwell within the realm. Players roll four dice and must assign each of them to one of the four places on the adventure sheet (Movement, Enemies, Treasures, and Locations).

Check out Doom Realm here:

We also have 3 more "Looking for something to play" categories.

Two of these were suggested over at discord by rdcalhoun! Thanks for the suggestions! We're always looking for more.

Thanks everyone. See you next week!

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