New Games For January 04 2019 - Gryphons Build Super Tall Tents!

Jason Tagmire


Tagmire here - and back from the dead (well, the flu). Happy to be upright, and happy to be sharing a few new games for the week.

The holidays really put a slowdown on communication, so it's another Button Shy heavy week. FYI - we have enough Button Shy titles to keep us going through many of these holiday weeks! :)

We have 4 new games to share with you.

  • Ahead In The Clouds: Tents Trackers and Contracts
  • Legends of Dsyx: Gryphon Delivery Service
  • Semifinal Fantasy
  • Supertall

The new games are all available here:

And one these is the...

It's THE PERFECT time of year for some fantasy football. So here's a little twist on it.

Are you ready for some... dungeoncrawling?

Semifinal Fantasy is a 2-8 player mashup of fantasy sports and dice-based dungeon adventure games. 

In Semifinal Fantasy you are a villager, hanging out in your local tavern, betting on which band of merry adventurers will survive each path of a dungeoncrawl. You will pick your adventurers, spend your coins to boost their stats, and then sit back and watch as the dice determine their fate in the old Bracket Dungeon. You'll also place bets on your favorite groups, trying to gain complete sets of Red, Green and Purple coins. In the end, all of your adventurers may be dead and gone, but you can still be the king of Semifinal Fantasy!

Check out Semifinal Fantasy here:

We also have a new "Looking for something to play" category. This one is "Critically Acclaimed".

Each of these games has a very high score on Board Game Geek and (as of today) are ranked in the top 2500 games of all time. Keep in mind there are tens of thousands of games there. I think I've heard that there are 3000 new games added per year. So here are some of PNP Arcade's top rated games:

  • The Networks - 541
  • Valeria: Card Kingdoms - 545
  • Two Rooms And A Boom - 775
  • Villages of Valeria - 919
  • Sprawlopolis - 1712
  • Four Against Darkness - 2019
  • World Championship Russian Roulette - 2348

The Critically Acclaimed games are available here:

New Kickstarter integration

This is something that we've been working on (and I'm sure we'll fine tune after it's up and running), but we want to feature print and plays for active games on Kickstarter. The first is Anthelion: Conclave of Power coming from Button Shy Games this week (check back Tuesday for the PNP), and it'll be the debut of our fancy new banner.

Look for this on hopefully many more Kickstarter campaigns as well! We'll be sure to highlight any in the newsletter each week.

Talk to you next week!

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