New Games For December 7 2018 - Cobras Are Blowing Up Villages!

Jason Tagmire

Hello and welcome to NEW GAME FRIDAY! 

It was a wild week here with both of us being at Pax Unplugged, and spending most of the week just catching up, but we were able to meet lots of people (designers and publishers you'll see here in the future, and PNPers too) and we were able to spread the word about PNP Arcade.  

Let's talk about the new games this week! 

We have three new publishers on board:

Cardboard Edison, Fridgecrisis Games and Tuesday Knight Games. Along with a few Button Shy titles, we have 10 new games to share with you.

  • Circle The Wagons: Lone Cowboy
  • Cobras
  • Garden Of Zen 
  • Legends of Dsyx: Hall of the Dwarven King
  • Retail Rejects
  • Stew
  • Swords and Souls
  • Two Rooms and a Boom
  • Villages
  • World Championship Russian Roulette  

Check out all of the new games here:

Within that mix is a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as a few Free Games from Tuesday Knight Games. After meeting with them at Pax Unplugged they let us know that their preview versions of their games were free on their site (, so we are now sharing them at ours too. One of the things we'll be trying to do is collect amazing free PNPs that are available elsewhere, so we can have them all in one nice place. (See the link on the side of PNP Arcade that's called "Free Games") 

This week's Game of the Week is Retail Rejects from Cardboard Edison and Flip The Table. 

Retail Rejects was based on the beloved Flip The Table podcast, and wasn't readily available outside of Patreon. We're excited to bring it to you and feature it for the week as well. There are so many little in jokes in there, for old and new fans (seriously go catch up on the old episodes right now while cutting out the cards).

In Retail Rejects, based on the Flip the Table gaming podcast, you will compete to “impress” your friends with your collection of cheesy, weird and obscure board games. Will you focus on roll-and-move games? (Surprise!) Or perhaps build an imposing collection of games based on TV shows? To win, you’ll have to build your collection wisely, take some risks, travel all the way to Soviet Russia—and maybe even win... 10,000 points!

Check out Retail Rejects here:

Thanks everyone! Have a great weekend!

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