New games for February 14, 2020 - Wave to the Wayfailers

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! And David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

    • Fail Faster Game Design Journal
    • 4AD Wayfarers and Adventures ebook
    • Paper Pinball: Season 1 Bundle
    • Paper Pinball: Season 2: Episode 1: Wave Wizard
    • Utopia Engine

    This week's new games are all available at

    Utopia Engine


    Utopia Engine is a free print-and-play dice game for one player. You play an old artificer named Isodoros who is attempting to reconstruct the Utopia Engine, a fabled device from the distant past and possibly the only hope for averting the fast approaching Doomsday. You must recover the machine's six parts from six dangerous regions and assemble the Utopia Engine before the world ends. The game uses simple dice mechanics to simulate searching the wilderness, activating and assembling powerful artifacts, and combat with artifact weapons.

    This is a genuine classic in terms of a Print & Play game that features roll and write mechanics. Explore locations to unlock the necessary things to reconstruct the Utopia Engine and avert Doomsday. This has a lot of interesting decisions and a clever way of using dice rolls to bring about a game that you’ll want to print multiple copies of in order to revisit the landscape and do better the next time. There’s a lot going on in such a compacted space that you’ll be amazed at how much can be crammed into a single sheet, yet it all flows smooth once you grok the information in front of you and the mechanics of the game. If you haven’t tried this one, I definitely recommend giving it a shot.

    4AD Wayfarers and Adventures ebook

    Wayfarers and Adventurers features additional characters for Four Against Darkness.

    Another entry for the Four Against Darkness fans out there! This one introduces the Druid class, which is a pretty strong fan-favorite for some in RPG settings, along with the Martial Mystic which I’m pretty sure I could modify to become Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender. It sounds like a really cool class, at least. Also in here are the Gnome, Wood Elf, and Green Troll races. Yes, even a troll is now playable! This also introduces 74 character traits to flesh out your characters better, and 66 milestones for your characters to accomplish. Add in some new spells, equipment, weapons, and animal companions and what else could you ask for? Oh, you want more? It also has an alternative table of minions for your use. If you want 4AD without the story, this book adds nothing but player content to expand your game.

    Paper Pinball: Season 2 - Episode 1: Wave Wizard

    Paper Pinball is a dice game that tries to capture the feeling of playing pinball. All you will need is a pencil, three dice, and about five minutes.

    In case you missed it, we recently had a Paper Pinball title featured here. Not much has changed with the new pinball here, as it is more like just going to a new machine in the arcade: the appearance is different but the core of the game remains the same. If you like roll and writes - and who doesn’t - this is an easy one to print out and get played. You’ll become a pinball wizard in no time on the Wave Wizard “machine”.

    Paper Pinball: Season 1 Games Bundle

    And if that wasn’t enough to sate your pinball appetite, we have EVEN MORE pinball sheets to download. Yes, the entirety of Season 1 of Paper Pinball is available for download and is yours to play endlessly. No quarters required, although you WILL need dice and a writing utensil. How many games come in this bundle? Lucky 7’s, friend. Seven pinball machines with one easy transaction. *Sound effects sold separately

    Fail Faster Game Design Journal


    The Fail Faster Game Design Journal is designed to make you better at playtesting your games and, ultimately, make you a better game designer. Get the game out of your head and into your playtesters’ hands. The sooner you know what needs to change in your game, the sooner you will succeed. Fail faster.

    This interesting entry isn’t a game, but rather a way to track your game’s development via playtesting. Featuring many pages to log playtest, including details such as the names of the players, their scores, observations, timing of the game (including timing the setup and rules), changes from the last playtest, and the winning player’s strategy. This journal will help you organize your playtests better to get better results, and comes packed with tips for designers and a table to use for ideas on game mechanics, themes, and constraints to help you step out of your box and tackle new game ideas. If you design games, or have ever considered designing games, this looks to be a great resource!


    For all of the new games, visit

    The game of the week is Tussie Mussie!

    Game of the Week: Tussie-Mussie

    Coming from an era full of fads such as using tear catchers to determine the length of mourning, Tussie-Mussie is based on the Victorian fad that assigned meanings to the flowers that friends and lovers exchanged. Famous authors such as William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte, and Emily Bronte all utilized the meaning of flowers in their writings, and now you can experience the language of flowers in this game from Wingspan designer Elizabeth Hargrave and artist Beth Sobel.

    For the big Valentine’s Day, it should come as no surprise that we’re offering up the great Tussie-Mussie as the game of the week. After all, flowers are usually associated with love, and this game will help you learn exactly which flowers to send along to your loved one to deliver the desired message - or what to send to your enemy. This clever game with an I Cut, You Choose mechanism is sure to delight your significant other with its brilliant gameplay and provide a nice way to spend the evening together. And even if you are alone, there is a great solo expansion for the game that is worth scooping up for fun with flowers.

    Check out Tussie Mussie here:

    See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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