New Games for February 24th, 2023 - Krete & Kreeg Roar over 9d6 Roadwork Resolutions

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It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:

  • 9D6 Quest
  • Sprawlopolis: Roadwork
  • Quests Over Coffee: Resolutions Expansion
  • Dungeon Pages: Krete & Kreeg, Renowned Bards, in Stormshield

9D6 Quest

9d6 Quest is a solo dice-management fantasy adventure game. To play, you need 9 standard, six-sided dice, a pencil, and this book. Optional paper miniatures are included in the download. Play as a Knight, Bard, Rogue, Dragonslayer, Thief, Scout, Veteran, Witch-Hunter, Chaos Slayer, Cleric, Barbarian, Mage, or Ranger. Move on 6 different hexmaps, trying to complete 9 different missions for treasure and glory.

A delightful solitaire adventure that is intended to be run through as a campaign. There’s multiple maps, and you’re trying to complete them all in succession with the same hero. As you roll dice to complete tasks, any 1’s rolled will downgrade that die, and once it downgrades enough the die becomes a dead die. So there’s some risk-reward, since only one success is needed to complete a task. You can also reroll…but every die used in the reroll is automatically downgraded. Push your luck as you venture forth on this fun, fast-playing adventure.


Sprawlopolis: Roadwork

Traffic congestion is a high point. Ease your commuters’ anguish with new roads to keep the city moving.

Another nice, easy expansion that should seamlessly integrate into your game. This time each player will get one of the four cards in this expansion, and if they don’t play the card before the end of the game it will cost them points. The catch, of course, is that it must integrate seamlessly with roads in your city in order to be placed, which players of Sprawlopolis already know is rarely going to be as easy to accomplish as it sounds. You can also scale up the difficulty, giving more of these cards to the group playing. 


Quests Over Coffee: Resolutions Expansion

Who needs resolutions when you’re perfectly fine? I mean, honestly, you’ve made it this far in life and are still walking around, doing quests, existing. That’s got to be worth something, right? So instead of trying a new-year-new-you, relish in the fact that you’re pretty great and lean in on that.

As you’d expect from an expansion to Quests Over Coffee, there’s not only the delightful artwork but also some wonderful puns, including the Familiar Game Card that will make the board gamer in your rejoice just a little. With a Self Help Section, including a book that is dusty and unused that you can get as an item. There’s plenty of fun here and, like all of the expansions, this is extremely easy to add and integrate into your game.


Dungeon Pages: Krete & Kreeg

These talented brothers have been known to entertain many a bar patron. Nearly as many patrons have parted with a small fortune in favor of Kreeg’s card-playing skills. But don’t let their raucous ways fool you. These brawny lads can handle themselves in a fight.

Deep within the mysterious area of Stormshield resides a Corrupt Dragon. This area is a really interesting set of maps, and some really neat backstory on the location. But the real stars are the characters here, who are renowned bards in the land. As you’d expect, there’s a few dual/double references to be found, including their special: Two of a Kind. The Lute is an interesting item, too, as it could let you completely avoid an enemy’s attack during combat. If you enjoy this game, you’ll continue to be pleased with this weekly installment.


Game of the Week: Roar and Write on sale for $4!

The Animal Kingdom Selection Council has convened to choose their new ruler, and it’s up to you to appease the five council members in order to win that title. The catch… each council member prefers different offerings, so you must choose wisely as you can only appeal to one of them each Age.

Don’t get this confused with a roll-and-write game, because this one has a bit more noise backing it. Okay, so it’s a standard roll-and-write, but with animals and cards. You’re trying to meet the goals of the council members, and you’re doing so by using the same pool of die rolls as everyone else. Those six dice get rolled 3 times, and depending on when you finish using numbers you may get some bonus points for being early. The solo mode is particularly interesting, with missions you can use as criteria (in addition to your score) of whether or not you win and get to move on to the next mission. 

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See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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