New Games for February 25, 2022 - Beastmasters Roll Z Assassin's Lockpicks

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

        • Heroes of Karth Deathmatch: Assassin Deck 
        • Heroes of Karth Deathmatch: Beastmaster Deck 
        • Roll Z

        Roll Z

        You are driving down the highway at full speed, your hands hurt from squeezing the steering wheel and the cold sweat on your forehead clouds your vision… you must arrive, all your energy is focused on that goal. Suddenly you hear the last sound you want to hear at that moment and a column of black smoke begins to rise from front of the old Chevy. The impulse takes you a few more meters to a kind of garbage dump or junkyard on the side of the road. There is no option but to stop, the place seems to have been someone else’s refuge. You improvise a small barricade and then take a look around you while your mind scans options at full speed. Repairing the old Chevy is not an impossible task although… all your thinking is stopped by an unmistakable mixture of sounds: wobbly footsteps, grunts and babbles. There are many, now you know why this refuge was abandoned. Fixing the old Chevy just got a lot more complicated…

        Apps with games can make or break the experience, and in this one it serves a pretty interesting purpose: a timer (among other things). You’re trying to find the cards needed to repair your car, and hold back the Zombie horde as best you can along the way. Eventually, you will either finish the repairs and get away, or they will break through and defeat you. The rules promise that the app will give you plenty of audio cues about the end drawing near, so I can imagine how it might just get your heart racing as you scramble to roll the dice you need and draw the cards you need in order to make progress. If you like a tense solo game racing against the clock to complete your task, don’t miss this one - plus it includes three mini-expansions to integrate and spice up the game.


        Heroes of Karth Deathmatch: Beastmaster Deck

        This deck focuses on cards that use animals to swarm enemies. Mages also buff the Beastmasters and use their Scribing to get more spell cards quickly. If the Beastmaster manages to place a Bear as a tank early, it could mean the end!

        A deck of Goblins, these Beastmasters aren’t holding anything back. Bring bears, cougars, wolves, and eagles to fight on your side with the great Summon Pet ability on your Beastmasters. Strike with armor-piercing blows that will blast through the enemy’s defenses. Rally around your banner and transform a unit into a Raven, letting it fly over units on the battlefield. This is a fun faction to play with, and a perfect opponent to face down our other featured deck…


        Heroes of Karth Deathmatch: Assassin Deck

        This deck focuses on hiding and back stabbing and then using the Stealth spell card to hide again. The Assassins also have traps with Entrapment doubling the damage. Players without good defense against hiding are doomed against the high damage from the Assassin’s Blade!

        If you enjoy striking from the shadows and lingering effects, then you won’t want to skip this deck for the Heroes of Karth game. While the effects vary from card-to-card, there are a lot of abilities in here to allow your units to hide, to backstab, and to deal poison damage to your foes. Pretty much what you would expect from a league of Assassins in a game, they’ll run a nice counter to the aggressive Beastmasters. 

        Pick up all the new games here:



        Game of the Week: Lockpicks

        You have evaded the gauntlet of traps and entered the Gold Dragon’s secret hold. How much can you pilfer before his acolytes arrive?

        When I hear the Legends of Dsyx discussed, there is one title that almost universally is praised as being brilliant above the rest. That game, my friends, is Lockpicks. You’ll be pressing your luck with more than just the rolls, balancing the desire to get more treasure with the need to avoid detection. Stay too long and you WILL be caught. Leave too soon and, well, are you really a winner if you barely have enough loot to brag about?


        Check out Game of the Week here:

        See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!



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