New games for Jan 29, 2021 - Sabotage the Forest of Sedlec

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

    • Four Against Darkness - Forest of the Spider Queen - Dungeon Deck
    • Sabotage The Raj
    • Skulls of Sedlec: Castle Guards

    This week's new games are all available at

    Sabotage the Raj

    Welcome to the colonial era. India is under the tyranny of the British Raj and sparks of rebellion flare across the country. You seek to ignite the nation and overthrow the oppressors. Sabotage the Raj’s occupied territories to free them and become a part of India’s freedom struggle.

    A unique take on roll-and-write games, this one has you trying to liberate the Indian peoples during the colonial era by rolling dice, allocating them to resources, and using them to move around and overthrow the tyrannical rule in areas of the map. Your goal is to free 6 territories in 8 turns, meaning there isn’t a lot of time to turtle up and stockpile resources. This also has a really cool map that looks WAY better than anything I could do. If you want a roll-and-write with a clear-cut objective beyond scoring points, this one could be right up your alley.

    Skulls of Sedlec: Castle Guards

    Castle Guards is a 6-card expansion that shuffles into the game, adds the ability to play with a 4th player and is fully compatible with the solo expansion, Skulls of Sedlec: Monstrance, as well. This expansion to Skulls of Sedlec adds a new type of skull: the Castle Guards. They want to keep watch over Royals by being above them. Adding in the expansion is easy, just shuffle in the expansion cards to the base game and play.

    Oh, I love me some Skulls of Sedlec and you should, too. This is the best type of expansion, too, as it doesn’t change anything regarding the game beyond the new skull-type. For those who don’t know, you’ll be drawing cards from one of six piles into your hand and then play cards from your hand to construct a pyramid-like structure. Each card has two skulls, one on top and one on the bottom, and each type scores based upon certain criteria (such as the lovers wanting to be next to each other) - the most points wins. It also has a fun solo mode with the game in spite of being a beat-your-score style of solo experience.

    Four Against Darkness: Forest of the Spider Queen

    Pave your way through the woods. Clear a path to all four sides of the sheet to get 100 gp payment from the locals. Rooms are clearings and corridors are paths. 

    This is another one of those fun little stand-alone quests for the 4AD system which use a deck of cards. I love these quests, as they give you a confined set of parameters to build around, yet you never know for sure what will come up for your map portions, your enemies, and special events (among other things). This particular one (not surprisingly) comes with two different spider bosses and two special treasures: the Forest Gnome Crossbow and the Fey Rope. Whether you are new to 4AD or a seasoned veteran, there’s plenty of fun to be found in this little adventure.

    Check out all of the new games here:


    Game of the Week: Button Shy Reprint Collection

    (currently on Kickstarter for physical games, but all of the games are just $1 for the week here)

    Impatient to get your hands on some of the out-of-stock Button Shy titles? Me, too. You’re in luck, as a lot of them have already been unlocked (with more getting voted on now!). Rather than talk about them all individually (which would take a LOT of time) I’ll let you know what is currently unlocked: Ahead in the Clouds, Antinomy, Arcane Bakery Clash, Hierarchy, Liberation, Seasons of Rice, Smoke & Mirrors, Supertall, Ragemore, and Why I Otter. I’ve played most of these, and I’ll go ahead and vouch for Antinomy, Liberation, and Seasons of Rice being among three of our absolute favorite Button Shy titles in our collection (although they’ve all been great! This isn’t to say the others aren’t worth getting by any means, but if you have to choose just three…) and I’ve been waiting on Supertall to come back around...

    Check out Game of the Week here:

    See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!


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