New Games for June 11, 2021 - Overstocked Beast Surge

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

        • ManaSurge
        • Overstocked
        • Utopia Engine: Beast Hunter

        This week's new games are all available at



        In Overstocked, players must stay up to date with the latest 90s toy crazes, fill their warehouse with the most in-demand toys, and avoid stocking a craze that is already over.


        A quick little game that is sure to delight fans of games like Circle the Wagons, Sprawlopolis, and Squire for Hire. This one has you placing cards with toys over existing cards, following specific rules, to try and maximize your score. With six rounds and two places to place your card for the round, there’s a lot of decision space in such a little game! Another fun wrinkle is that turn order is based on the card number you play, with a lower number going first. If you like quick card-laying games, be sure to check this one out!


        Mana Surge


        Grunia Fuego hasn’t been in the presence of this many renowned wizards in her entire life. Only the strongest and most formidable wizards are able to make it to the heart of the mountain ruins alive. All of them must too have been called by the mana erupting from the central chamber. They are the final obstacles that stand between Grunia and her prize; control of the legendary World Crystal.


        If you like dueling wizards and classic card games with a deck of cards containing numbers and suits, then pay attention to Mana Surge. You’ll get cards with a suit and power/rank on them, and must play a higher rank than the other cards from the round. Match the suit and you get to cast the spell as well. Attempt to counter the spell and deal damage to your foes. Take some fun risks and you can Mana Surge with an empty hand to collect more crystals. The game plays multiple rounds, and goes to whomever collects 12 crystals first. This one takes a twist on what you think of for games with wizards casting spells, and allows more than two players to join in on the fun!


        Utopia Engine: Beast Hunter

        Utopia Engine: Beast Hunter is a sequel to Utopia Engine and uses the same basic mechanism of exploring a land, rolling dice, and using the results to resolve events on the game sheet.

        In the game, you play as Mason the Hunter, a fugitive who has been falsely accused of murder. You are trying to gain refuge in a village for protection but the village elders require that you kill three beasts first. You have 14 days before the pursuing Blazing Star Regiment finds you and arrests you so you must kill the beasts before that time.

        Each turn you must decide to either search for clues to find the terrible beasts, build towers to defend the village, build equipment, or rest to heal yourself. To win the game you must defeat all three monsters and gain the trust of the villagers so they will hide you from the Blazing Star Regiment.


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        Game of the Week: Horreos - Only $1

        IIt is the 18th century in Galica, Spain. Elaborate raised granaries known as horreos are garnering acclaim for their agricultural importance and aesthetic beauty. Now the neighboring towns of Camota and Lira are engaged in a competition to create the best horreo, Can you build the longest, most ornate structure that keeps the mice out?

        It’s going to be all the rage, folks. This game will have you drawing up the plans to make your own horreo in your backyard! Okay, maybe not, but what a fun name for a game with a fun theme. If you like competitively building structures with one other player, and you like plenty of chances to sabotage their plans, then this game is 100% your cup of tea. I’ve got this one sitting near the top of my list of games to play this month, and something tells me I won’t be regretting that decision once we get it to the table. It looks just as good as it sounds!


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        See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!


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