New Games for June 23rd, 2023 - The Words of Reckoning in the Harsh Dreadmarsh

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:

  • Words Words
  • Welcome to Reckoning
  • Dungeon Pages: Mira, Sky Ranger in Tunnels of Dreadmarsh

Words Words

Words. Words. Word games are full of them! What happens when you’re not limited by the letters in your hand, but the words in that beautiful brain of yours? Words words has you placing a 5-letter word in a 5x5 grid and leaves it up to you to fill up the rest.

No, this isn’t like the daily word game you’re thinking of, as there is no trying to guess combinations of letters to arrive at a specific word for each puzzle. What you’re doing is trying to fill as many of the 25 blocks with letters as you can, losing points for each empty square multiplied by the number of groups of empty letters. Can you fill all 25 spots? Sure, if you’re a vocabulary genius and can magically make everything line up vertically and horizontally. If you enjoy word puzzles, this is bound to itch your creative vocabulary urge in a fun and interesting way across more than 50 different puzzles.


Welcome to Reckoning

The recent discovery of a substance called “Dust” has proven apocalyptic for the residents of the small mining town called Reckoning. Dust allows warping of time, but also has disastrous side effects. Most of the town has now succumbed to the corruption. Only your small posse is left. You need to score a winning poker hand (to buy a ticket on the Wagon out of town). However, spectral forces, tentacles from the deep, and raging fires are not going to make this task easy. Can you escape Reckoning?

There are few things I love more in a solo game than one where you have to avoid multiple paths to losing, while striving for the one to victory. This has three unique ways in which things can come to an end while you’re trying to ward off tentacles, keep the town from completely burning down, and collecting a poker hand needed in order to ride on out of town. There’s a lot of micro decisions to make along the way, making this an incredibly fun, deep, and replayable game experience.


Dungeon Pages: Mira, Sky Ranger in Tunnels of Dreadmarsh

The sky elves are rarely seen, and often revered as otherworldly beings who rain down prosperity. Seeing one of their floating ships is a sign of good fortune. When Mira chose to live among the groundfolk, it was a bit of an adjustment for her, and the other students.

Sometimes a dungeon comes along that just feels really fitting when considering the location and the monsters within. While some might go Horror Thieves being the thematic tie-in for a place called Dreadmarsh, it’s the Frozen Spider bosses that will really evoke that reaction for some of us. They are nasty, too, removing a good die when triggered, and there’s several of them swarming in the Spider Nest. Mira is a pretty solid character, providing usefulness with her Trick Shot ability to extend her reach, and a Shadow Cloak to help negate damage if the Good rolls surpass the Evil ones.Enjoy your time in the tunnels, traveller! This should make for an interesting week!


Game of the Week: Harsh Shadows

When you saw the code words Project Nightshade come across your desk, you insisted on the assignment… You were instantly reminded of the shadow operative who had slipped through the fingers of some of The Rigel Group’s best agents. Now it’s your chance to catch this criminal before it’s too late. As a master agent of the elite global task force, The Rigel Group, you expertly hunt down cunning spies and deadly double agents. You’ll need to use your wits, local intel and tools of the trade to lure the spy into your trap. Just be sure you’re the predator, and not the prey! This isn’t just any spy; one false move could end your mission… permanently.

Gather clues, chase the spy, and land an accusation that sticks to win. A fun little solo game where you move around a grid of cards, gather clue cards to spend on evidence, try to ditch the red herring, and make your way to the spy’s location in order to accuse them. Have the right evidence and no red herring? You win! Have the wrong evidence, including that red herring, and you lose. If you ever wanted to play Clue solo, or just like spy movies in general, this is definitely a game you won’t want to miss checking out!

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