New Games for June 3, 2022 - No Loyalty Beneath Luna Mare's Darkness of Doom

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

  • Four Against Darkness - Thieves of Dorantia
  • Luna Mare: Mineralis & Dominatio
  • What Lies Beneath the Darkness

What Lies Beneath the Darkness


Ravenswatch. One of the largest cities of our time, ever pulsating under the drums of the new factories. Beyond the veil that keeps common citizens in oblivion, factions employ all resources available in a never-ending battle for control. And that includes us. We are The Horrors, being divided between humanity and the supernatural. Our human facade is useful for our masters, since it allows us to navigate society undetected. But it is our dark powers that interest them most. The night calls us. It is time to set foot into the dark alleys once more. There’s a new mission to carry out. Through the shadows we dance, as we inspire even more stories for the local legends. Ravenswatch is hungry, and it cannot wait.


If you like the dark creatures of horror and simple role-playing game systems, don’t miss out on this one. You get to choose to be a member of a faction, such as vampire, lycanthrope, a fallen angel, a specter, witch, or even a fae - and spend your time performing missions for that faction to help expand their dominance. With the clever and easy-to-use Push system helping operate the game, this can be taught and start playing in a matter of minutes and is absolutely suitable for playing in person, online, or even in a play-by-post format in something like an online forum. If only such a forum for board games and role-playing games existed…


Luna Mare: Mineralis & Dominatio


The lunar Mare, plural Maria, are large, flat and dark basaltic plains of lower elevation on the Earth’s Moon formed by ancient volcanic eruptions. The term Mare, which in Latin means “sea” was erroneously applied to such features by telescopic observers of the 17th century who mistook them for actual seas. In Luna Mare, players compete in collecting elements discovered on the surface of the Moon with the aim to discover additional, valuable, new resources and minerals. In addition to gathering resources they also fight for control over Maria to establish a rewarding Moon dominance.

Two games in one package, complete with differing rulebooks, to provide an unique gameplay experience based upon your preference as a player. Mineralis focuses on a pick-up and deliver mechanism with some minor elements of area control. Dominatio flips that, focusing on area control with a seasoning of pick-up and deliver in the game. The game runs a set number of player turns, so the more player you have the fewer actions each player gets in the game which should provide an interesting dynamic from game-to-game in how to approach your strategy. Vie to get the most points in whichever way you prefer to play Luna Mare and show your dominance on the Moon.


Four Against Darkness - Thieves of Dorantia

After being hired by the thieves guild to seek out and eliminate one of their very own, your adventurers play a dangerous game of cat and mouse that turns into a whodunit, on the streets of Dorantia! Thieves of Dorantia is a high-stakes hex-crawl adventure.

Like everything for Four Against Darkness, you get way more than just an exciting new adventure to play in this purchase. Yes, that adventure as part of a Thieves Guild is going to be excellent. But you also get things such as new classes in the street enforcer, the street mage, and the scout. Or a new type of weapon with pole weapons - and what adventure is complete without those? New dungeon tile types, a city tunnel system with forgotten passageways, and a hex-crawl chase game complete with ways to gather information, operate the city guard, deal with incarceration, and more. Add in spells, traps, magic items, and treasure and what more could you want? You’re right: bosses. There’s nine unique Final Boss fights in here, too. So the real question is: why are you still reading this instead of grabbing this download?

Game of the Week: Doom Machine on sale for just $4

Face off against an ever-evolving, ever-growing machine of death and destruction! Find and defeat the doom core before humanity is annihilated.

If you like rolling and allocating dice, this will present plenty of fascinating decisions on how to use the 5-10 dice you’ll roll each turn. Dice can be used to manipulate other dice, to prevent incoming damage, or used in sets of 1-3 to deal damage to machine parts as you try to uncover the Doom Core and destroy it before it destroys you. And that’s what is really neat here: the machine evolves, grows, and cycles each of its parts every turn. If you like a dynamic challenge for your gaming experience, the Doom Machine is ready to deliver. 

Check out Game of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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