New Games for March 10th, 2023 - The Knowtorious Elemental Fantasy deep in the Ancient Wild

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It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:

  • KS Preview: River Wild
  • KS Preview: Ancient Realm
  • Galdor’s Grip: Knowtorious Expansion
  • Dungeon Pages: Zafinn, Elemental Wizard

KS Preview: River Wild

Every year in the realm of Wild, the first snow of the season brings new life to the land and the creatures who inhabit it. High atop the tallest peaks, the sun beats down on this fallen snow, creating a magical rushing river that floods the valleys below.

This is exactly the sort of solo game experience you’d expect from the hit designer of games like Circle the Wagons and Sprawlopolis, although completely different from either of them which makes it an unique experience. There’s a delightful puzzle aspect here as you’re building onto two branches of a river, trying to make the valleys in between get completed while maximizing their point values within the valley itself. If you’re a fan of a tactile experience where you build out a map as you go, then you won’t want to miss the preview of this wallet game.


KS Preview: Ancient Realm

Starting from humble beginnings, you must lead your civilization to greatness. Harvest, hire, build, and plan your way into the history books!

Like River Wild, this is another new solo game from that same designer and, well, it’ll have aspects that feel similar while also being positively unlike the other games mentioned above. There’s events that trigger, resources to track, and wonders to consider constructing. Grow and develop your expanding civilization, which happens by paying for a card and placing it next to, partially-covering, or completely-covering existing cards. The kicker is that anything you cover gets to activate its ability (except wonders, which can never be covered), adding a whole new degree of puzzle to an exciting solo design.


Galdor’s Grip: Knowtorious Expansion

The second 6-card expansion for Galdor's Grip uncovers suppressed manifestations within the Guardian's mind. Using the clever deck construction feature in Galdor's Grip, players can (randomly) mix and match any number of non-essential cards from the Core Set with cards from an expansion to create new card and deck and interactions! This expansion offers new scoring objectives and ways to manipulate the order of the deck. Galdor's Grip is a solo fantasy card game played completely in your hands. As you move through the deck, you’ll need to carefully manipulate the order and orientation of the cards to channel power from your surroundings and avoid hazards until Galdor is in position to neutralize Feragot. The base game is needed to play this expansion.

An eagerly-awaited expansion to a game that is a blast to play. This is one that needs no table to be able to enjoy, and those who already own Galdor’s Grip are probably already eager to snag this for their collection. There’s a lot of ways to manipulate cards to score points with this little expansion, making it an exciting one to mix in with the base game. Don’t forget that they do not just shuffle in, but that you mix-and-match cards going in and coming out to have the same number to play with. Not only does this help prevent bloat in the game, but also helps to keep things nice and fresh since no two plays will be exactly identical in the card combinations.


Dungeon Pages: Zafinn, Elemental Wizard

A bit eccentric, Zafinn found himself studying the wisdom of the early magic users and their elemental gifts. After saving a school full of children from a raging inferno, the wizard found himself ushered into the Elder’s tutelage for some schooling of his own.

Another wonderful weekly installment to your Dungeon Pages addiction. This wizard has a really fun power, letting you sacrifice a die to double a different one. By far the most interesting part of this kit is the final location: Arena of the People. There’s a fun little puzzle in there which could possibly turn your victory into a loss if you don’t plan properly. So venture on into the Bakorio Province and try to take place in the Grand Games event!


Game of the Week: SemiFinal Fantasy on sale for $4!

Are you ready for some dungeoncrawling?

It's time for Semifinal Fantasy, where you (the average townsfolk) get to go down to your local tavern, pick your favorite adventurers, and place bets on which party will survive the nasty Bracket Dungeon!

From the comfort of your wooden barstool, you will try to convert your coins into a big haul. Now let's get thing rolling...

Let’s face it, most of us probably have either made a basketball bracket for March Madness or know someone who has. Now imagine being patrons at a tavern where you bet on who will succeed in the dungeon? Intrigued? You bet you are! Name your teams, seed them among the bracket, and then compete to see who can collect the most sets of colored gems along the way. You can spend coins to boost stats of your favorites in the bracket. One this is certain, you won’t have played a game quite like SemiFinal Fantasy, and there’s no better time than now to try it out!

Check out Games of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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