New Games for March 11, 2022 - The Unsurmountable Final Mole

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

        • mole.mole 
        • Viridian: Final Reckoning

        Viridian: Final Reckoning

        The sprawling Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia has remained untouched by humankind. It’s thousand year old red cedars and 300 foot Sitka spruces shadow uncharted paths. The forest has grown wild and unscathed. Until now. In humanity's quest for wealth and resources they have pushed further and further into the dense overgrowth. Only this time they’ve traversed too far. In the depths of this Canadian forest lies the Viridian, an army of animals sworn to protect their home. Once content to hide, these high functioning animals with human-like cognition have nowhere left to go. It’s time to fight.


        Okay, this might be the coolest sounding flip-and-write game that I’ve ever seen. Not only is the theme amazing, with animals fighting off horrible waves of humans bent on destruction, but you’re drawing enemy shapes AND your animal shapes onto the grid and that placement matters, since you need to damage them enough at the end of the game to be able to win. On top of that, your enemy placement will be partially determined by the coordinates of a 2d6 roll, if possible, but your own units can be freely placed. Enjoy campaigns? You’ve got them here. Like having scoring objectives? Those are here, too. This is one I’ll definitely be checking out myself sometime soon.




        Mole.mole is a multi-setting RPG system for improvised solo or GMless gameplay. Stories are spontaneously generated with the help of oracles - random word banks that spark your imagination.


        If you enjoy simple, sleek designs for an RPG system, and want to spend less time buried in rules or barriers to entry and more time playing, then you will want to check this one out. There’s a handful of cards to go with this to form the rulebook, and they help guide you toward things such as character creation, setting, scenes, checks for your character to resolve, and more. The imagination is your greatest companion here, and a simple die roll within your set parameters will help guide you into a resolution that makes sense. Perhaps the most interesting part here would be the oracle system, which contain random word banks to help spark that imagination and keep you going into directions you may not have considered otherwise.

        Pick up all the new games here:



        Game of the Week: Unsurmountable on sale for $2


        Because it’s there! Seems a good enough reason to climb the mountain, but are you ready for the challenge? In this game, you must puzzle your way up a mountain in order to get to the highest peak! Plan your route, choose your actions wisely, and use the limited resources you have to get to the top of the mountain!


        If you like solo games that offer a puzzly challenge, then take on the task of Unsurmountable. Yes, you’ll be trying to make a mountain with the cards, complete with a path from the bottom to the top of the mountain. Each turn you’ll take the next card in your line of five and either add it to the mountain or use it for its ability. With multiple modes to increase your challenge, there is plenty of replay value to fit with alongside your ability to succeed. Can you brave the challenges presented by this game to overcome the flow of the cards to build a successful mountain path?

        Check out Game of the Week here:

        See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!



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