New games for April 05, 2019 - Otters By The Sea Score

Jason Tagmire


It's a lighter week here with 3 new games. Well one new game, one expansion and one accessory. But one of these has been requested A LOT!

  • Sprawlopolis: Beaches
  • Sprawlopolis: Scoresheets (FREE)
  • Why I Otter

While Sprawlopolis didn't win the Board Game Geek Golden Geek Awards this past week, it's still rising the charts there and just broke into the top 1500 games of all time! And along side of that, we've been getting asked about Sprawlopolis: Beaches all week, so it is finally here for you to bask in the sun and try to squeeze in every single point, while avoiding the new and tighter borders that surround you. :)

We also have a Sprawlopolis scoresheet and the newest in the line of Button Shy's family friendly 2 player games, Why I Otter by Aaron Andrew Wilson.

This weeks new games are all available here:


The game of the week is Kingdom 18!


Kingdom 18 is a pseudo-deck builder with hints of a blind-bidding game where 2 players compete to conquer the most expansive kingdom.

Each player starts with an identical hand of 4 cards which they will place face down on available kingdoms.Players may choose to use politics or warfare to sway the new lands but have to be must watch out for an opponent’s shield or assassin that can steal their strength. In addition to game end scoring, kingdom cards also have their own ability that players could use.

As kingdom cards are scored, they are shuffled with the starting hand and four cards are drawn for the next turn. The player with the strongest kingdom by game’s end is the winner!

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