New games for May 22, 2020 - Escape the Paper Dungeon

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! And David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

  • Dungeon Hero: Volume 1
  • Escape of the Dead Minigame
  • Paper Dungeons

This week's new games are all available at

Dungeon Hero Volume 1


Dungeon Hero is a simple, fast, solitaire RPG game in a print-and-play "zine" format.

Create a hero using eight defining characteristics, like Archer of the Realm or Chainmail or Stealthy.  Assign them dice ranging from d12 to d6. Note your Health and Stamina levels, and then select an adventure 'zine.


Oh wow, I never thought I would hear the word ‘zine used ever again but here it is. Print out the three 8-page booklets (two adventures and the core rules), create your character, and off you go. Roll against dungeon traits to try and beat the dungeon and score based upon how much treasure you finish with. It promises to be fast, integrates story elements, and is expandable with two more volumes available each containing four more adventures. If you want something and portable, this might be worth checking out!


Escape of the Dead Minigame

You are a survivor of a zombie apocalypse and you're stuck in a house with a broken car and hordes of zombies are attacking in the lawn. But wait, you found tools enough to fix the car to escape from the hordes of zombies. ARE YOU READY FOR IT?



Escape of the Dead is a solo game. In the game you are trying to fix the car while trying to defend yourself against hordes of zombies. You're given 4 Action dice per turn, distribute between 3 sections of the game (either by shooting zombie, fixing the barricade and/or fixing the car). Roll for success on each section. Any zombie that survived will attack the barricade. When you successfully killed 10 zombies you will be rewarded with power-up. You lose when your barricade is down (i.e barricade's hp equals zero). You win when the car is fixed 100% and get out of the house.

Four actions per round, three tracks to work on. As you get closer to success, more and more zombies will come at you. This game sounds exciting, tense, and best of all requires only a single page to print out and play with a little cutting (although you could use cubes, etc. as substitutes and just not cut out the few tokens). Honestly, this is a game you can print and be playing within just a few minutes, making it the perfect one to check out while barricaded in your home.

Paper Dungeons

A plague has swept the land, caused by the sorcery of the evil Dungeonmasters. They have hidden their dark magic in Plaguestones, and built epic dungeons to protect these cursed totems. Brave Heroes must search the dungeons and destroy the Plaguestones to bring an end to this all consuming virus.



A game fully playable by two players via phone call/Skype/Zoom etc. with one controlling the evil forces and the other controlling the heroes for the game. The catch? Only the evil side knows where all of the units, tunnels, and Plaguestones are. With each movement, the players ask what they can see and are told what is in adjacent “open” spaces. Ambushed by orcs? Well, that can easily happen. Each character has special powers and varied stats, making them all useful in varied circumstances. If you long to play something unique with a friend, this might be the game for you to try.

Check out the new games here:

Game of the Week: Cobras

Cobras are overrunning the village, so the authorities have put out a bounty on them. Seizing the opportunity, you have secretly begun breeding cobras for the extra income. However, your own scheme won’t go unnoticed forever, and when the authorities cancel the program, any cobras you’re left with will bite you!

The historical anecdote that inspired this game is known among economists as the “Cobra Effect”.


If you like trick taking games, you won’t want to miss out on Cobras. It is a trick taker with a twist, as losing lets you take Cobra tokens that you can cash in for points later when you win a hand. Win two hands in a row? Well, you had to spend all those Cobras on the last winning hand, meaning you aren’t turning in Cobras for points unless you found a clever way to get them. Playable for 1-5 players, with the core rules suited for 3-4, variants for 1, 2, and 5, and team play are all in here.

Check out Game of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!


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