New games for May 3, 2019 - Time Fairy Quest

Jason Tagmire


We have 4 new games this week!

  • Launchtime
  • Pretty Fairy Princesses
  • Tempus Quest Episode 1
  • Tempus Quest Episode 2

A little bit dexterity, a little bit of role playing and a double dose of diceless roll and write! If you haven't played Tempus Quest, Episode 0 is available for free here:

This weeks new games are all available here:


The Game of the Week is Banned Books by Button Shy Games!

It is the hope of every literary character that their tale will inspire people for generations to come. But how can people be inspired by your story if it’s on the banned books list? Your story MUST be told, and it's time for you to take matters into your own hands!

Banned Books is a solo game featuring ousted literary characters fighting back against the Powers-That-Be to restore their books to the shelves. Each turn you will select actions that will progress your agenda track, hamper the agenda tracks of the Powers, utilize your characters unique abilities or manipulate your tableau. If you can advance your progress token quickly enough to convince 2 of the 3 Powers-That-Be to remove your book from the banned list, you win. But if the majority of the Powers advance their tokens and make up their minds first, or drain your characters stamina, you will be banished from shelves forever!

Active PNP Arcade Kickstarters

Maquis -

Thanks everyone! See you next week!

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