New games for Nov 8 2019 - Desolate Mariner Drive

Jason Tagmire


Here's what's new this week:

  • Desolate: Insurgence
  • Drive Like Hell
  • Micro Mariners

This week we have an expansion to one of our most popular games, a full game and an identical card game. Let's look at them!

After a crash landing during a failed rescue mission, you are all trapped in a space station on a remote moon. Soon after entering the station, you realize you are not alone. Can you work together to power up the escape shuttle before you run out of oxygen - or worse, are killed by hostile aliens?

Desolate: Insurgence is an expansion for Desolate, which adds the ability to play the game with up to four players. In addition to the ability to play with multiple players, Insurgence also adds the Scrap Pile micro expansion.

With your recently rescued lover in tow, you now flee the minions of Hell, and the Devil himself. The creature from the pit will own your lover’s soul unless you can reach the sanctity and safety of Saint Joseph's Cathedral. So shift your car into high gear and Drive Like Hell!
Drive Like Hell was a finalist in Button Shy Game's September Challenge where all 18 cards were required to be identical!
An unusually high amount of rare marine life has been spotted in a nearby cove. Whether you are an amateur or an expert diver, you cannot pass up the chance to research these amazing creatures.
In Micro Mariners you'll make new discoveries to gain points, but don’t be naive, many of these creatures still pose a threat to those who wander too carelessly into their home!

This weeks new games are all available here:

The game of the week is Roll Estate!

Roll Estate is a love letter to the classics, where you’ll roll and write your way to wealth in a race to become the richest entrepreneur! Roll the dice three times to acquire loads of rental property, open bold new businesses, try your luck with some risky investments, and perhaps even win the lottery! Can you turn five dice into cool cash?

The game is designed by Chris Michaud, Moderator of the Flip the Table podcast  ( The art and graphic design is by Robin Gibson, the prolific game designer and artist behind Metal Snail Idea Workshop (

The print and play game includes a rulebook, and flexible options for printing score sheets in both color and black & white...use the “Economy” sheet to save paper, or the “Deluxe” sheet which is easier to read and great for laminating.

Get ready to throw dice and throwback!

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