New Games for November 18th, 2022 -Harsh Grip on Astral Storms

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Next Friday is Black Friday and the annual PNP Arcade anniversary sale. Expect hundreds of games to be on sale and a big new week of releases. This is always our biggest sale of the year, so don’t miss out.


The PNP Arcade Discord server is now open
 Come visit our discord server to talk about PNPs, share your builds and techniques (and see others as well), playtest new games, and get sneak peeks at upcoming games. Join us at:



Our first PNP Arcade original game is coming to Kickstarter on Black Friday. Dungeon Pages is a PNP only, solo tactical, roll & write game of dungeon delving and monster battling. Just $4. It's designed by Jason Greeno and Jason Tagmire and introduces a variable system with multiple characters that can be combined with any dungeon for replayability.


It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:

  • Rising Storm
  • Galdor’s Grip
  • Astral

Rising Storm

Resist capture while exerting control over the sector.

A fun looking game for 2-4 players, you’ll be drafting cards from a common pool - some of which are face-down - and then selecting which ones to play and in what order. Each round, the higher numbered card played will win some credits (well, unless another card in play stops that card from triggering…or Military cards combine might to topple that value), but then the lower cards will get to trigger actions first after that to capture cards, steal credits, and other sinister effects. If you enjoy the push-and-pull of card games that have some influences in trick-taking but offer so much more to consider for the players, you won’t want to miss out on Rising Storm.


Galdor’s Grip

Long ago when Galdor served as the Guardian of the Realm, he battled an ancient evil known as the Frenzied Flame. Although he was able to defeat the insidious being, remnants of it lay dormant within his mind. During a recent encounter, a Grand Telepath named Feragot sensed the lingering chaos trapped inside Galdor and invaded his mind in an attempt to reignite the ancient evil and unleash its chaos upon the world. Use your telepathic powers to also enter Galdor’s mind and imprison Feragot within it before he fulfills his treacherous scheme. Your knowledge will continue to grow as you gain access to more ancient lore and secrets of the realm only found within Galdor’s mind.

One of the more recent areas of growth in game design has been the concept of games that are played completely in your hand. Galdor’s Grip is one of those games, using just 18 cards and clever ways of manipulating cards. With clear win and loss conditions, this is more than just getting a high score. You get choices each round about how far you move through the deck with the two card values showing on the top two cards. With great artwork, fast gameplay, and an easy set of rules, you’ll be loving your time in Galdor’s Grip in no time at all!



Wandering souls moving through the universe compete to be born with the best stellar alignments and the greatest astral potential. In your role as a soul, you must gather the greatest number of constellations related to natural elements, defend yourself, expand or frustrate the plans of other souls that are competing to reach material life with the strongest attributes.

Stars and constellations make a natural realm for a roll-and-write to exist, and this one certainly has a lot of moving parts to spice the experience. Whether considering that players might have to exchange sheet for marking of Novas, that the dice rolled will determine what you get to add, and that you’re trying to match the constellations on the cards…well, there’s a lot going on to really make this interesting, interactive, and almost certainly will lead to some fun and interesting final results. If you enjoy this genre of gaming, you won’t want to miss out on an experience that’s out of this world.


Game of the Week: Harsh Shadows - On sale for $3!

When you saw the code words Project Nightshade come across your desk, you insisted on the assignment… You were instantly reminded of the shadow operative who had slipped through the fingers of some of The Rigel Group’s best agents. Now it’s your chance to catch this criminal before it’s too late. As a master agent of the elite global task force, The Rigel Group, you expertly hunt down cunning spies and deadly double agents. You’ll need to use your wits, local intel and tools of the trade to lure the spy into your trap. Just be sure you’re the predator, and not the prey! This isn’t just any spy; one false move could end your mission… permanently.

Gather clues, chase the spy, and land an accusation that sticks to win. A fun little solo game where you move around a grid of cards, gather clue cards to spend on evidence, try to ditch the red herring, and make your way to the spy’s location in order to accuse them. Have the right evidence and no red herring? You win! Have the wrong evidence, including that red herring, and you lose. If you ever wanted to play Clue solo, or just like spy movies in general, this is definitely a game you won’t want to miss checking out!

Check out Games of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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