New games for November 6, 2020 - Giant Pockets

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

    • Giant Battle
    • Pocket Tactics: Core Set
    • Pocket Tactics: 2D Core Set
    • Pocket Tactics: Bog People Expansion
    • Pocket Tactics: Brigands of the Forest Road Expansion
    • Pocket Tactics: Dead of the Barrowlands Expansion
    • Pocket Tactics: Hordes of the Warlands Expansion
    • Pocket Tactics: Raiders from the Far Shore Expansion
    • Pocket Tactics: Order of the Argent Lion Expansion
    • Pocket Tactics: Hillfolk of the Southern Dales Expansion
    • Pocket Tactics: Highborn Houses Expansion
    • Pocket Tactics: Expanded Rules
    • The Seeker in the Forest of Wyr

    This week's new games are all available at

    Giant Battle


    In this age of power and greed, every faction in the world are battling it out to find out who is better king among all kings. This is a 2-player game.


    A simple little minigame for two players, with rules and components all fitting nicely on a single page (d6 not provided). In this fantasy-themed conflict, orcs and dwarves and other fantasy races are battling to be the last race standing. It’s really that simple, move and attack. Some attackers need to be adjacent, others can attack from a distance. Roll some dice, see what happens. This game would be a great way to pass a short span of down time, or a fun one to play with a kid who enjoys rolling dice and doing battle. 


    The Seeker in the Forest of Wyr


    In ancient days the Seeker, guardian of the Metsasuomalaiset people and endowed with five magical objects, journeyed within the Forest of Wyr, one with the natural world. The Seeker attracted the company of the Menninkainen and Keiju, kindly though capricious forest spirits, while protecting those under his care from evil pursuits of the Ajatar. You are this Seeker, bound to the wood and the land. Beware though, the Forest of Wyr is large and its paths many. Its elder trees can confuse the unwary and cause them to lose their way.


    Reading that description reminds me a little of Horizon Zero Dawn, which I just started playing on the PS4. Of course, this game predates that and is nothing like Horizon in execution, but thematically it jives. This one you’ll be moving along a path of cards, trying to overcome obstacles along the way until your quest card (which you see at the start) gets drawn to end the game. This game, like so many Todd Sanders games, is beautiful and simple to play. This is going to hit my printer for sure, as I’m convinced this could be the best Sanders game I’ve played so far - and that’s saying a lot. 


    Pocket Tactics


    Welcome to Pocket-Tactics, a fast-paced, modular strategy war game that you can take with you and play just about anywhere! This set contains the pieces for two factions.


    A modular, very portable wargame that looks like it could be an absolute blast. The rules are only two pages long, making it easy to get into, and the components for the starting forces are relatively small in number to print. You’ll want to be crafty enough to make tiles, giving a little rigidity and heft to the components, but their size truly makes this one you could toss into a ziplock and take with you. Each different unit type has different abilities and stats, making this a very modular and thinky sort of gameplay experience. It also promises to be a relatively quick game, offering a fast option for playing during moments of downtime, while waiting on other games to finish, and more.

    Check out all of the new games here:


    Game of the Week: Itty Bitty Dungeon Delve for $2

    Itty Bitty Dungeon Delve is an 18 card tableau manipulation for 2 players. Each player represents a new adventurer exploring the cavernous rooms of a dungeon. Each is looking to gain experience and reach level 5 first, and they do so by rearranging the cards representing each individual cavern in the dungeon. Players reveal cards from their cavern to rearrange facedown cards or gain knowledge of what the cards may be. At the end of the round they gain experience equal points from their cavern. If a player ends the turn with “The Smiter” card, they may instead choose another cavern to explore. The first player to reach Level 5 wins!

    Part memory game, part card manipulation, all fun. That describes this little 18-card game of dungeon exploration. Each round has four turns of revealing and using cards to try and make it so you have the best dungeon to score. Manage that successfully, you’ll get a bonus of 5 points to your score. Have the worst dungeon and you’ll lost 5 points. Both players will be trying to dump the garbage into the center dungeon, but one person’s trash can be another’s treasure. Play continues to 70 points, but can easily be adjusted to suit the players. This looks to be fast, furious, fun, and provide just enough brain burn to satisfy most gamers. You don’t want to miss this game at this price.

    Check out Game of the Week here:

    See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!


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