New Games for October 13th, 2023 - The Hype Destiny in the Hand of Nexalis's Alchemist

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:

  • Nexalis
  • Battlecrest: Hype Hero
  • Dungeon Pages: Lillian, Bold Alchemist


We are the drifters, the explorers of Nexalis, and we traverse the Starbound Isles. Guided by the celestial constellations on the Nectar’s surface, we chart a course through the cosmic sea, seeking the wonders that lie hidden within this vast, enigmatic world. As we journey from island to island, we witness the breathtaking beauty of this realm. We unveil its secrets, forge alliances, and learn from the wisdom of its inhabitants. Each island we set foot upon reveals a new tapestry of experiences, stories, and challenges that shape us and bind us closer. Together we navigate the unknown, and protect the bonds that connect us to these wondrous lands and their vibrant people. The call of the Nectar is irresistible. It whispers to us, urging us to delve deeper into the heart of the Nexus, to uncover the mysteries that have eluded explorers for generations. We sail through the astral ocean, united by a shared purpose and the promise of discovery. This is our legacy, our voyage of wonder and revelation. We are the drifters of Nexalus, and the stars are our compass. Together, we will leave our mark on the world, embracing the unknown and forging a future shaped by the bonds we create.

If you enjoy role-playing your adventures in a way where the possibilities are endless, and there are discoveries around every corner, then you will not want to miss Nexalis. This centers around exploring islands, and you have one of six pre-made roles or can generate your own, and you will find yourself helping locals on each island with their problems. Use actions to overcome trials along the way, scene-by-scene, until you feel the mission has reached a conclusion, at which point you embark to the next island. There’s endless depths to delve into here, a genuine gem for those who love getting more than a short play or two out of their games.


Battlecrest: Hype Hero

Among the jam-packed Clashrave arenas of Metronn, no one is more popular than reigning champion, Hype. The fusion of music and martial arts comes naturally to this improvisational virtuoso. Sporting top-of-the-line psychosonic implants, the undefeated queen of Clashrave always leaves the audience wanting more.

One of the more unique heroes to come so far for Battlecrest, Hype is all about getting around on the map. The more unique symbols she touches - and sometimes her opponent touches - the stronger her attacks can get. If you enjoy playing as a mobile character, rather than a brute that likes to just get up close and swing away, then you won’t want to miss this hyped-up hero pack. 


Dungeon Pages: Lillian, Bold Alchemist

From the strange local cuisine, to the borderline forbidden experiments she conducts in the late hours, the young alchemist isn’t afraid to try new things. Hopefully the spicy yehatta fish is the only fiery result this semester.

I’ve raved in the past about Lillian’s special ability to use a potion as any potion you need it to be, letting her have an optimal amount of flexibility there. And she might need every bit of it against the foes awaiting her in this installment, as the Frozen Thieves remove an unused die when triggered by a 6. If that isn’t bad enough, the boss is absolutely brutal, as if you mark a duplicate number around it all enemies - dead or alive - will attack. I suppose that’ll teach us to tangle with a Summoner Mummy, right?


Game of the Week: Realm of Shadows: The Hand of Destiny on sale for just $3!

The rest of your adventuring party has gotten lost (or worse) and you find yourself alone in the wilderness preparing for the fight of your life. As waves of monsters close in on you, you think of the great heroes of ages past who made a similar stand—sometimes for good, sometimes for ill, but always for honor. Perhaps your story will be added to the legends. Perhaps, if you are so favored, Destiny’s hand will be upon you tonight.

Palm Island meet lines of enemies to do battle with in the Realm of Shadows: The Hand of Destiny. Take down monsters one at a time, using strength cards and/or abilities to deal with the threat. Fight your way through the gauntlet, including the boss, four times in order to be successful. However, each damage taken or each ability used brings you one step closer to defeat. Boss battles, in particular, are very interesting because the order in which you spend cards can make a huge difference in how the boss interacts with you.

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See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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