New games for September 11, 2020 - Wild Dungeon City

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

    • Carbon City Zero: World Edition
    • Dungeon Ball
    • Wild Cats

    This week's new games are all available at

    Dungeon Ball (HQ Version)

    While the monsters wait for more heroes to wander into the dungeon to meet their untimely end, they bide their time by playing games they learned from captured adventurers. For the most part, they understand how to play, but they’re a little hazy on things like the rules against cheating and whatnot. A while back, they captured a traveling bard and made a deal to let him go if he explained the rules of a popular man-made game . . . And thus, Dungeon Ball was born!

    I wonder what their annual Punch, Pass, and Kick contests look like as they condition themselves in the offseason for the Dungeon Ball. This game pits two players in a familiar sport setting, but with some interesting twists on rules. If you enjoy the luck of dice, this has plenty of it to offer as you attempt to complete plays. As the defender, you are trying to guess the color of play the offense will select. There’s also a full-blown solo mode with multiple teams available to try for those who enjoy gaming alone as well as with others. With football season finally underway, now would be a great time to pick this up and play during the week.

    Wild Cats

    The players are cats heading back from an arrest. There’s a Good Cat, Bad Cat, and Wildcat in the car. When a scuffle ensues, someone is getting thrown out. The Good Cat wants the Bad Cat out, because he’s an annoying partner. The Bad Cat wants the Good Cat out because he wants all of the credit for the arrest. The Wildcat just wants to escape.

    Deduction lovers rejoice at this quick and simple card game. You are trying to deduce who is which cat and vote for which cat to remove based upon your unique victory conditions. Whoever gets the most votes is kicked out, and in a tie the Wildcat is kicked out. The game is sure to get some merriment going, and is quick enough to use even while waiting on a dinner or a coffee at the coffee shop.

    Carbon City Zero: World Edition

    The planet is in a climate crisis. For decades governments have ignored it. Now it’s up to a group of city mayors to sort it. Carbon City Zero: World Edition is a race against the clock, where players juggle their common goals (of collective survival) with local priorities. And that’s just the start of it. From how people get from A to B, to what powers their cup of tea, every decision is a climate decision. These mayors have their work cut out for them - will they avoid climate chaos?

    Whether you want to work together, against the other players, or alone in solitaire mode - this game is able to cater to you (and your group’s) desires. A deckbuilding game that started originally as a competitive game has been reworked to a cooperative experience, allowing you and up to three of your friends to join forces and save the world from a crisis. New resources and cards, new artwork, and enhanced gameplay await those who have played it before, and an accessible card-driven game is ready to provide a fresh experience for those new to the game. Will you answer the call?

    Check out all of the new games here:

    Game of the Week: Why I Otter

    The river is filled with otters of all shapes and sizes. Decide which otter should jump into the river at the right time to maximize your score. Having the winning otter gets you more cards, but losing lets you pick the scoring conditions. Why I otter…

    A fun little game, perfect to play with your child or for a casual game with your spouse. You’ll be torn between winning for more cards or intentionally losing to pick the end-round scoring conditions based on what you’ve been collecting so far. There’s plenty to consider here without being too overly taxing, making it a perfect game to turn to on nights when you are just too tired to play a longer, thinkier game but want something that will still require you to pay attention and make meaningful choices.

    Check out Game of the Week here:


    See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!


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