New Games for September 2, 2022 - Opening the Battlecrest Vault

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It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

  • Battlecrest: Fellwoods Base Game
  • Battlecrest: Forge Hero Set
  • Battlecrest: Whispyr Hero Set
  • Battlecrest: Imperator - Solo Expansion

Battlecrest: Fellwoods Base Game

Shots ring out in the overgrown forest. A rugged pirate festooned with weapons of war, stomps into view. He scans the nearby treeline with practiced rigor. In the gnarled canopy above, a celestial goddess calls for an ancestral blessing. With a divine roar she drops to the ground below, swinging her ornate staff with the strength of a thousand lifetimes at her waiting target…

This game is a genuine delight as a small skirmish game. The premise is simple: kill your opponent’s hero before they kill yours. You may have a minion at your disposal to help, and there’s some map cards that can trigger extra effects for those adjacent to their sides. However, the neat thing is the open information, and the use of your abilities and how they’ll flip when refreshing so you’re constantly changing with what you can do. Attacking uses a card. Defending does as well. This provides two new heroes and a new map at your disposal and is a perfect entry point, but is also an excellent addition to those who already have and love Battlecrest.


Battlecrest: Forge Hero Set

The powerful warbot Forge is a walking arsenal with something for every occasion. Few can get past its massive blast shield, which doubles as a surprise weapon to vaporize the unwary. This unyielding colossus has an unlimited capacity for destruction and not a single shred of empathy to slow it down.

As one might expect from a warbot, this hero brings a lot of offensive firepower to the table. If you enjoy an aggressive approach in a skirmish game, you’ll be delighted with the arsenal he provides, but he is also balanced with a some defensive powers to help mitigate some of the incoming damage. This is compatible with the base games, as well as with the solo mode for Battlecrest.


Battlecrest: Whispyr Hero Set

A spirit born from the heart of the Fellwoods, Whisper was bound to the world by the Dying Guardian. Ages of fighting against wraiths have given her a killer instinct and a knack for striking quickly before her victim can retaliate.

It was bound to come sooner or later: a flying hero. When triggering flight, Whispyr can move directly through obstacles and/or heroes to reach a desired destination on the map. This makes Whispyr one of the most maneuverable heroes so far in the game, but she also comes loaded with some fierce attacks to make her a formidable foe on the board. Like Forge, she comes with compatibility with the solo version on Battlecrest, expanding your options of play.


Battlecrest: Imperator - Solo Expansion

Somewhere along the line, you made a dangerous enemy. The Exarchy themselves have sworn vengeance upon you. Now their chosen champion stalks you at every step. Prepare yourself for the fight of your life as you face the mighty Imperator.

Six simple command cards, paired with a hero of your choice as an opponent, and you’re ready to challenge the solo mode in Battlecrest. With a relatively easy-to-learn system to navigate the AI and its movements, you can enjoy the challenge of this great game (and practice with your favorite heroes!) even when you don’t have an opponent present. But watch out: this game is small and quick and addicting enough that you might lose hours of your life challenging this Imperator time and time again in succession.


Game of the Week: Vault - On Sale for $4

Welcome to the world’s most difficult vault; a vault that can only be unlocked with dice. In this solitaire game, you play as a thief trying to crack the vault. With 12 locks, one of which will close every round, the pressure is high for you to steal as many gemstones as you can.

Put your roll-and-write skills to the test as you attempt to roll and cross off numbers fast enough to mark off a row or column before you run out of time. The clever thing here is that there are locks on the board, and each round one of them will close for good - if you didn’t get those gems, you won’t score them this game. You need to plan ahead for upcoming turns as well as try to figure out if you can snag a gem at the last minute, as you’ll be adding and/or subtracting die values to help you hit the numbers required on these squares. If you like making some tough decisions along the way, this is sure to have moments where the best way to use those dice isn’t always obvious!

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See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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