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Semifinal Fantasy

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Semifinal Fantasy
Semifinal Fantasy
Semifinal Fantasy

Semifinal Fantasy is a 2-8 player mashup of fantasy sports and dice-based dungeon adventure games. 

In Semifinal Fantasy you are a villager, hanging out in your local tavern, betting on which band of merry adventurers will survive each path of a dungeoncrawl. You will pick your adventurers, spend your coins to boost their stats, and then sit back and watch as the dice determine their fate in the old Bracket Dungeon. You'll also place bets on your favorite groups, trying to gain complete sets of Red, Green and Purple coins. In the end, all of your adventurers may be dead and gone, but you can still be the king of Semifinal Fantasy! 

The game consists of 10 pages that are used for each game session. Print them each time you play, or laminate them for endless replayability. 

  • 4 pages of player tableaus
  • 4 pages of adventuring teams
  • 1 bracket page
  • 1 page of alternate adventurers

Plus 3 pages of rules that you will only need to print once.

You will need to provide one (or preferably two) set(s) of polyhedral dice, and something to write with.

Comes in black and white and color.


  • Players: 2-8
  • Ages: 8+
  • Length: 30 minutes    


  • Publisher: Button Shy Games
  • Designer: Jason Tagmire
  • Art: Marty Cobb


  • Page count: 10 game, 3 rules
  • Components: Paper
  • Additional components needed: One or two sets of polyhedral dice, pencils

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