Alone In The Dark


Grey Gnome Games

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You are stranded on a distant space station on a moon... You are not alone...

There had been no communication with station 04 on the distant moon X483. A rescue mission was mounted, and you were on that ship as it lost use of its controls and crashed but meters from the station's entrance. After the smoke cleared, you realized you were the only survivor.

You made your way into the station in hopes of finding help, only to be shocked by the horrors within. You are alone. You must escape. You must survive...

What is Desolate?

Desolate is a solo-play card and dice game. You have many choices that will ultimately equate to your survival or your demise. Do you explore the first room you reveal, or press-your-luck and skip it to move on to another, and be forced to resolve the second? When you encounter an alien you must decide how much ammo you want to spend (Each ammo equals 1 die roll) in order to defeat it. Do you over-spend for a certain victory, or take a chance a spend less? When you defeat a foe and open a crate, do you take the larger more valuable resource, or the lesser valued resource that may be more useful now? Do you use a powerful one-use item early on in the game, or wait?

There are many choices per game, and when you die, and you will often, you will not be able to blame the roll of a die or the draw of card as much as you will have to blame yourself. You will be invested. You may yell at the dice before rolling. You may jump to your feet when you find that final power cell and fire up the escape shuttle for a sweet sweet victory.


    • Players: 1
    • Ages: 10+
    • Length: 15 minutes  


    • Publisher: Grey Gnome Games
    • Designer: Jason Glover
    • Art: Jason Glover


    • Page count: 14
    • Components: 36 cards
    • Additional components needed: 
      • 2 Dice of color 1 (suggested black)
      • 4 Dice of color 2 (suggested white)
      • 5 tokens of 1 color (suggested green)
      • 3 tokens of unique colors (suggested blue, purple, red)

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