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On Dia De Los Muertos, a child named Luna followed her dog Kiko through a portal into the underworld. Some inhabitants saw her hide... there? No wait... THERE! They gathered; looking left and right, peeking under here and there trying to capture her before the third day - trapping Luna forever!

Hysteria is a quick, compelling, rules-light social deduction game for 5-9 players. Trying to solve the mystery is about what you think you know and who you think you trust. The Dia de los Muertos theme provides a compelling narrative for gamers of all ages.

There are two unique gameplay hooks that make Hysteria an exciting game for players of any experience level. First, players may actively switch teams during the game. This allows people who don't like being deceptive a chance to choose a different team. Second, every player has to rely on information that has been filtered through other players' memory and intention. Is someone suspicious or just forgetful?

Hysteria is played with a small row of cards face down in front of each player. The game has three rounds each played in two separate phases: The Information Phase and the Capture Phase. During the Information Phase, players get new cards, pass cards, and share information honestly or deceptively. During the Capture Phase, players attempt to convince others of what they have seen! The game ends after the third round is complete. Capture the Human cards to win!


  • Players: 5-9
  • Ages: 8+
  • Length: 30 minutes  


  • Publisher: Brouhaha Games / Wryknot Games
  • Designer: Ryan Kelems, Cory Muddiman
  • Art: Vanessa Morales


  • Page count: 14
  • Components: 49 cards, 9 peek/accuse tokens, 5 skull tokens
  • Additional components needed: None

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