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Ludus Senatus

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Ludus Senatus
Ludus Senatus
Ludus Senatus
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Enter a slightly sideways Senate where success isn't about voting for what is right but what is correct! In Ludus Senatus, players take the role of Senators looking to gain approval by seeming like they actually get something done. Players will manipulate tableaus of cards, swapping votes, gaining information, and attempting to stack the Senate's vote in their favor. When the requisite number of votes are placed into a central tableau, all the center votes and each players' votes are revealed. Any Senator whose personal votes are in line with the central tableau will gain approval from the populace. The first Senator to 5 approval Points is the winner! 


  • Players: 2-4
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 10-20 minutes  


  • Publisher: Concrete Canoe Games LLC
  • Designer: Brian Compter
  • Art: Eduardo Garcia


  • Page count: 6 Pages (3 printed front and back) 2 Sets of 6 Troop Cards, 2 Sets of 3 Village Cards, Rules Sheets
  • Components: None
  • Additional components needed: None


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