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World Championship Russian Roulette


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World Championship Russian Roulette
World Championship Russian Roulette

Congratulations, you've made it to the world championship! Unfortunately, it's the World Championship of Russian Roulette. In this press-your-luck bluffing game of simultaneous play where no player has to wait for their turn, you play the part of a captain of a Russian Roulette team competing against the world's best Russian Roulette teams.

The first team to accrue 15 victory points or the last team with their brains still intact wins. You earn victory points by bidding on how many pulls of the trigger you will survive. Any time you lose a teammate, you earn a severance package in the form of an action card. Action cards allow a player to peek at the top three cards of their gun deck before bidding, shoot at another player instead of at themselves, change a bid, and more.

But there's more! World Championship Russian Roulette is also a bluffing game. At the beginning of every round, players place one of their gun cards into their "pocket", providing them the opportunity to cheat by pocketing their bullet card. Careful though. Get caught cheating and the penalty will blow your mind.

This is a print and play only version and not the final version of the game. For the final version visit:


  • Players: 2-6
  • Ages: 15+
  • Length: 10 minutes  


  • Publisher: Tuesday Knight Games
  • Designer: Anthony Burch
  • Art: Jeff Brown (II), Keith Pishnery


  • Page count: 10 cards, 5 rules
  • Components: 49 cards and boards
  • Additional components needed: 6 6­sided dice, tokens (like pennies)

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